561 Luna Valkyria - EnigmaticThief

It shall be engraved upon your very soul!
562 Starcraft II Medic Fluttershy - Daniel S Gibson

Where dose it hurt? (I had a lot of fun drawing this one, I did use a reference image for some parts of the medic armor, but otherwise it was all me. Only thing that bothered me is that the armor looked better uncolored, but otherwise I’m very happy with it.)
563 Ezio DePony - vonbon strangle

Assassin's creed pony.
564 Inquisitor Pony - Dustin

From Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson
565 Blankmare - Nambuk

Yeah I was drawing a massive blank for today. And I didnt want to draw nothing. Anyone remember the movie Blankman? I think it fits Pinkie well. She's the type of pony who would dress up in her PJ's and a curtain so she could go fight crime as a costumed superhero.
566 Derpy Wants to Try a Bonk! - Whistling Brony

Derpy finds a BONK! Atomic Punch and wants to try it, but Soldier disapproves!
567 Luna as Luna - Natry

Luna dressed as Luna from Tales of Phantasia.
568 Mistborn Pony - Dustin

From Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson
569 Ryu rainbow dash quick drawing thing - Lord Bababa

Victory post :p
570 I am Invincible! - S.L.

007 character ponified, just who is it?
571 Ariel Sarghess - Pyrotwister

Ariel Sarghess from Drowtales... totally a awesome webcomic.
572 Zelda Pony - Callie

just a zelda pony nothing special.
573 Mega Snips got Rolling Cutter! - Cudle

Favorite game? Kinda grew up with Mega Man, so how could I resist?
574 Twilight Combatir - FrostMusic

Sorry Phoe! But Tales of Symp(h)onyia wins this one! I'm sure Tara Strong agrees! :P (Tara voice acts Presea Combatir and of course, Twilight) Here we have Twilight cosplaying up as Presea Combatir...
575 Mare-Do-Well is Just Batman in Pony Form - Evan Webb

I know that this is a stretch, here. I COMPLETELY forgot the details of today's Training Grounds theme, and I am very, very sorry that I misinterpreted it. Instead of drawing a pony dressed as a media character, I put Mare-Do-Well in the Batman: Arkham City concept art pose. The only reason I'm even attempting to upload this is because I worked kinda' hard on it, and I may as well TRY to submit it. If you hate me, I deserve it...
576 Aurora Cooper - Valkyrie-Girl

Because my sister told me to.
577 Applejack cosplays as Ben from Full Throttle(1995) - Siquinox

Full Throttle is a 1995 game for the home computer by Lucasarts back when they were making point-and-click games such as Sam & Max, Day of the Tentacle, The Dig, and Indiana Jones. I played these games as a part of my childhood, and I hope somebody gets the reference.
578 DMC: Dashie May Cry - Alan "Darastrix" the Awesome

EQD NATG entry. It's supposed to be Rainbow Dash dressed like Dante from Devil May Cry. One of these days I am going to get an art program on my mac that will let me redo all these in color but for now it's just good old pen and paper hand drawings. Enjoy.
579 The Matrix Has Rulsis - Rulsis

Somepony once joked with me during one of my livestreams and said the Matrix has me. Well this is the result and I am quite proud of it. This is the most complex and details drawing I have ever done, and I still rushed it because I have to work during the day. This is also my first attempt at drawing rain, so I hope it came out fairly decently. I seem to draw my OC a lot. I really need to try drawing more cannon characters!
580 Lord Morpheus, King of Dreams - Solitair

I am still shocked to find no other images of the Endless as ponies in my never-ending search for fanart. Everybody, go check out Sandman by Neil Gaiman, one of the most beautiful and profound comic books you'll ever read in your life! Um, if that's okay with you, that is. *meep*
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