641 Spider Jerusalem - Sockis

Fairly satisfied with this one, it's ok I guess.
642 Steed of Courage - Paradigm Pizza

Man, I need to step up my game, don't want to be late for a third day in a row! Needless to say, this is still very much a WIP, as I plan to put quite a bit of effort into this one. Though at least I managed to get the flats done instead of it being just a sketch.
643 Splendid Matryoshka - Juni

Splendid x Vocaloids,It works out well. One of my favorite games is : Hatsune Miku Project Diva
644 Clockwork Angel - Entropy

Tried one with the hat but it just doesn't look right.
645 Lyrike - Alexstrazsa

They both have pretty big swords.
646 Big Mac Marine - Predelnik

I think it's funny idea but realization could be a lot better :(
647 Think, McFly, Think! - Kurt Smith

PLEASE tell me you know who these guys are! I think I did a good job representing them. I'm pretty satisfied with their expressions. George's face is pretty awkward, because that's probably a face he'd make. I wish I'd cleaned up a little better around Biff's head, but whatever. I considered having a small extra comic panel near the bottom with one of Biff's lackey's saying something like, "Biff, man, what is that on your flank anyway?" and Biff would respond, "SHUT UP, BUTTHEAD."
648 Penelo - Caramel (James)

This was sorta rushed since I spent most my time on the other picture submitted pages ago most likely. Penelo from FF12. Could've done better if I wasn't pressed for time and the such. At least I did something, right? I learnt that I can sorta do custom hair if I want to.
649 Ponyfied Sora - Aeridan

Not my favorite drawing I've done. It looks pretty sloppy and a bit rushed. The main issue with drawing this was time, I was busy until a few hours before the submitter closed, so I didn't have all the time I would have liked to work on this. There are also a few mistakes I made that I didn't notice until a point where it would take too much time to fix them. So yeah, not my best drawing, but ponyfied Sora from Kingdom Hearts nonetheless.
650 EQD ATG 2012 Day 9 Media Themed Pony - Andrew Beran

SackDerpy tangled herself up in the popit in create mode. Oh Derpy, you're so silly! I focused on Sackboy's structure and proportions for this piece. Turns out they're actually similar to pony measurements.
651 Zelda: Skyward Coltblade. Pony-Link's quest. - Alex Longclaw

There were a bunch of Zelda submissions... but Zelda is really important to me, so I did one anyways! :D
652 Crysis 2 Pony - Forger

I decided to draw a Crysis 2 themed drawing, I really enjoyed designing the cell soldiers but Prophet didn't turn out as well as I hoped but it was still fun, hope you enjoy...
653 Faithful Night - Zoarvek

Master assassin Octavia Maritore da Canterlot, doing what her creed does best! I wonder where she's jumping from xD... or landing even!
654 Dey See Me Trollin', Dey Neighin' - Wryte

Quickie of my troll shaman from World of Warcraft as a zebra. Got home too late to do anything more interesting in time. :P
655 Ironshod Marines - Radiopony - Duskfall

Its a Halo crossover.... not too blatant, but I needed something to jump-start from my absence from Day 8
656 - Luigi

657 Now You're Thinking with Derpy - h2g2guy

658 Soarin the Hedgepony - Slim Shadow

659 My Little Nemo - HorizonsBound

So yeah, only pencil, busy day and I ran out of time tonight. I'll color this anyway, and fix Twilight's tail.
660 Rarities First Weapon Sucks - Mark Elling

Why is the first weapon always so crappy...
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