1 No Rest For SNES ATG #9 - AberrantPegasus

Ah, this brings back fond memories of myself playing on my Xbox until the wee hours of the morning... Nowadays it's my PC
2 Nameless Air Kick Heavy - Zon3dy

This is the Air Heavy attack of Nameless a character in a game I'm currently developing. It's a high speed action game that takes place in a sidescroller viewpoint. As the protagonist it's your goal to return to Equestria, but it's anything but easy, you need to take up arms, and fight.
3 Two Best Sisters play Chess - Hailey

4 - Aegis Exemplar

5 [Source Filmmaker] Late Night Gaming - Ocean Breeze

Took me a bit for this one.
6 Game Over! - Caitlin

7 Gamers - AniRichie

Why indeed?
8 Fallout Equestria Start Screen - Blink

9 Just Playing Around - FlutterLove

10 "It's the Master Sword!" - Fimbulvinter

Epona proving that she doesn't need some chump Hylian telling her what to do. She'll save Hyrule on her own. A/N: Trying to make the transition from pencil and paper to digital art. Did the original sketch on paper, then scanned and inked over it in ibisPaint. Program has potential; I just need to learn how to use it properly. That and draw better - Kinda the whole point of this entire exercise.
11 Green Leaf Playing - Cloudy Sky

12 Laharl Pony - NamelessNP

Laharl, prince of the Netherworld
13 ATG Day 9 - Game - Cuttlefish Dreamer

You know, the first day I said "Oh, I'm not going to get to complicated this Training Ground". So of course I drew backgrounds and went all out with each prompt. Ah well, I needed the practice anyway!
14 So real - Gorgeouspony

Here's Lyra enjoying technology of the future and humans as well.
15 Unappreciated cosplay - Slizergiy

A Follow up to my ATG II day 9 entry: Draw a pony dressed as or from your favorite video game, movie, or book/Draw a media pony. Ivo hasn't quiet forgiven Luna for that one time.
16 Milla Basset - Sage_Noctowl

Not too creative, just a ponification of Milla Basset (didn't have too much time)
17 Obviously it's Lyra - Spone

Hey guys, Spone again. At this rate, I'm going to fill up this book with Lyra. Not that I'm complaining. Hope everyone else keeps up with these harder days, lot's of improving is being done around here.
18 - Plainoasis

The only thing more accurate than enemy fire is friendly fire
19 My Little Epona - James

20 Gamer Luna - Sunrise Shine

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