181 natgday9 - Madacon

182 Day 09 - daExile

Rather poorly (for now) ponified Hand of Fate game, in case you're wondering.
183 a familiar face - jayruki

Krystal: in my world this outfit would be demeaning, but in your world it works out alright
184 Bubble Mare - Klemm

185 8 Bit Button Mash - Sigmath Bits

Pixel video game pony playing a game! :3 Also my second proper pony pixel art ever – came out pretty well ^^
186 Game On - Wag-Tail

187 - RizDub

Today I decided to draw Button Mash playing an unspecified video game with Luna. I'm not sure if I got Button's face completely right here. Something about it looks off to me.
188 Lunacosplaying - Directorstark

Gamer luna cosplaying her favorite game, who could have guessed?
189 Yooka-Laylee Ponies - GumBlackwood

I love these guys.
190 Sumo - Frith

Originally I thought that Sumo wrestling would be a fine sport for Oprah Whinny (AKA Whoa Nelly), but when I went to get her particulars, I found that her legs were just too short and skinny. I'm sure she has enough fun doing the Talk Circuit in all the large cities in Equestria that she doesn't really have time to train for games.
191 ATG:Day 9:Kofi Ace playing games - Blue Flames

Today's prompt was to draw a video game pony/pony playing a game,so I drew Kofi playing a xbox one.First time drawing furniture and things of the sort before so I think I did good but I did mess up the hair quite a bit but still good overall.
192 The Video Game Pony - Blastdown

193 Video games i guess - derpface20k

194 What the Hay's a Fygar?! - HalflingPony

195 Team Rocket Grunt - Tangerine Blast

196 30 Seconds Until Minions Spawn... - Egg Roll

Video game horses playing a game of horseshoes to pass time in-universe. Absolutely nothing can go wrong from this. Characters are Leona and Ashe from League of Legends.
197 My Little Ponyta - Revanche

*gasp* "Twilight, look! I don't know what sort of weird, fleshy, two-legged Pokémon that is but I gotta catch it!"
198 Day 9 - Discord's Magic - Bryan

"You know, this game might actually be fun. If the monsters were real..."
199 Marthpony - Ethan Moore

15 minutes to draw, 4 hours to color.

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