201 ATG9- Rarity as Symmetra - T-Squared

Rarity as Symmetra from Overwatch.
202 Audacity vs. Elegance - Novaintellus

Take that you ruffian!---Is that the best you got?
203 Celestia and Luna as Cho'Gall - fox.whee

NATG 2016 - Day 9 - Celestia and Luna as Cho'Gall by foxwhee :iconfoxwhee: NATG 2016 - Day 9 - Celestia and Luna as Cho'Gall by foxwhee Cartoons & Comics / Digital Media / Cartoons / Drawings©2016 foxwhee #mlp #natg2016 #heroesofthestorm Some background and explanations: Cho'Gall is a two-headed ogre from Warcraft universe. In another Blizzard's game, Heroes of the Storm, which is a MOBA, Cho'Gall is a playable character - and playable in a really funny way. Two players are needed to controll the ogre - Gall is an assasin class "hero", responsible for magic attacks, and Cho is a warrior class hero, responsible for melee attacks and positioning. When there is a Cho'Gall in a team, the name will be alloyed from nicknames of players. So here we see Cel'Luna :3
204 - Mister Twister

Submitting an un-inked sketch. Such sorry, much shame.
205 Mind Sage and the Obsolete Gaming System - Michael T. S.

Oh yeah, this is the first OC one, specifically my main one. The thing behind the title is that she's an ahead-of-her-time cyborg so... yeah... cockiness...
206 Pony Kombat!! - LostCojiro

My first NATG submission! Now this is a new kind of Magic Duel altogether.
207 Sumo 01 - Frith

Processed through the Scribbler now. I chose red on yellow because some wiki page or other on Japanese family symbols had something that was red on yellow. With a touch of grey. Looked fine by me. I thought I could bring out the details but setting the transparency of the spidery lines to almost totally transparent. It's... OK. And before deadline too.
208 Game Time - Jazzmyn Mack

209 Hour of Pony - NYRX

Shameful WIP but I'm out of time and I feel like taking my time with this one.
210 Gamer Rage - NinjaJ

A little bit rushed on this one
211 "Meanwhile In Another Caste..." - Tradley

Gusty is making some mushroom pancakes and Shady is beating a ghost at its own game.
212 Pony Gear Solid - everesco

213 (animated) Scholar Twilight Final Fantasy - thattagen

214 Pinkie Gaming - EmSeeAre

215 - PonyPoet21

216 Ambient.Prologue - Greeny3003

I drew Astrum and Krinita from Ambient.Prologue! :D Looking forward to the game release.
217 Equus Ex - phoenixofwinter

218 You Sure, Boss? - Mal Winters

219 Rink (Completed in a 1/2 hour time period) - Inferno

Sorry for mess. Rushed.
220 Button Mash - MirrorCrescent

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