121 - Sharpshadow

122 ATG Day 9 - Super Button Mash - Ebony Crystal

With Button Mash being a gamer, I'm pretty sure he's played quite a few Mario games himself(or whatever the equivalent is in Equestria), so I decided to put the two together for this one. :3
123 - Ashtoneer

124 Addiction - Joseph Ortiz

MFW New Game!
125 What kind of magic is this? - BladeDragoon7575

This is the most creative thing I could think of, so yay!
126 Ah Win - Tevin

Thought I would take part in this as well to get better
127 Regular Pony 2 or 3: "Spkie-Lun & Twi-Lun" - Jameson Ethan

Here is a drawering I did on this same iPad for an ATG few years back but didn't submit. For the uninitiated, the 1986 classic "Bubble Bobble". Check it out on your local App Store! ("Only 5 bucks!" Applejack would probably say?)
128 Reverie Plays Video Games - supergirl1329

Another picture of me turning a bat upside down because I have no better ideas right now.
129 Ponies playing DnD or something I dunno. Cool stuff! - Mirakil

130 Equestria Girls Fluttershy Minecraft Skin - Chris Cooke

Literally a video game pony. Load the skin up in your Minecraft profile and you'll have my best one-evening crack at an Equestria Girls Fluttershy.
131 - Michael

132 Pony Platformer - HowToBen

Draw a Game pony, now I’m in my element, hence why the the background is better than the ponies -_-“
133 - Pirill

Didn't have time to finish this properly on time, unfortunately. :(
134 Don't mine at night - SkyTheArtist

135 One More Game - ttkitty441

Didn't color cuz tired.
136 Ponified Captain Falcon - Nicholas Lozano

The Knee of Justice!
137 Bowser Pony - Dravoxianart

Apparently Bowser isn't very happy that you turned him into a pony. You should probably run. Fast. Like really fast. I wouldn't want to know if he still has fire breath.
138 COMIC: Dragonborn - Ilukaappledash

When spike refuses to bathe, Twilight calls in a powerful ally.
139 - adrunkgeologist


Pinkie catches rapidash (Twilight)
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