1 NATG Day 10: After Apple Bucking - Mopar96

This was intended for Day 10, the "pony sleeping" prompt. I was unable to submit on time due to an incident on my street involving a tractor-trailer and some phone lines.
2 Flying Fluttershy - MirrorCrescent

For the Newbie Artist Training Grounds day 2!
3 More Applejack - MirrorCrescent

For the Newbie Artist Training Grounds day 4!
4 Flutterholly (Fluttershy) - MirrorCrescent

For the Newbie Artist Training Grounds day 5!
5 Regular Pony 2 or 3: Pop Fly?! (Day8: draw a filly or colt) - Jameson Ethan

Here is another drawering I had in my Sketchbook Pro just waiting to make an appearance. Around the time when the Pony Kind of Christmas was released, I drew this colt hitting a few homers, although, since he's a colt, they look like pop-flies. One day, Pop Fly.
6 Luna's gotta go back in time - Hailey

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.
7 Pinkielovania - Dallan

Inspired by the video of the same name. (Makeup for ATG Day 10)
8 Mlp Ice Cream - 32232232

9 Peril - Dallan

Things might have gotten a little too hot to handle. (Makeup for ATG Day 6)
10 [Source Filmmaker] Spacing Out - Ocean Breeze

Made originally for ATG Day 6. I was late to submitting. I think it turned out well.
11 Dash in Motion - TotallyGenericName

Making a circular line of motion with Rainbow Dash aerobatics.
12 ATG Day 2 (Derpy is a poni with wings (Semi-Digital)) - NeverLastStanding

13 ATG Day 4 (Rainbow poni fencing a fencing fence) - NeverLastStanding

14 silly - simon graham

this is for the make-up artist training ground for the "ponies on a date" day that I missed.
15 ATG Day 6 (Twilight in space) - NeverLastStanding

16 ATG Day 8 (Flutters is smol poni) - NeverLastStanding

17 ATG Day 9 (Poni Playing games) - NeverLastStanding

18 ATG Day 10 (Sleeping in the day struggles) - NeverLastStanding

19 The Place of Raiders - Cytoferus

Capacitance may have a bit if a tendency to take her anger out on raiders.
20 ATG Day13 - Fury - Cuttlefish Dreamer

Man, I missed the actual day's submission by mere minutes, haha. Ah well, good thing for the make-up day submitter!
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