1 LUNA - Hailey

Well, here we are at the half way point of NATG. I have drawn Luna everyday for the past 16 days (including make up day) so wow, that’s sort of impressive.
2 Waiting for Inspiration - Jacob

3 The Picture - Dallan

And she thought drawing a happy human would be easy.
4 "Bedtime" Story - Aegis Exemplar

5 Ready for the Nightmare Night... two months in advance - Papyjr13

Initially predicted for ATG14 but I missed it. So I put this clock for the theme "Staying up late".
6 Soon. - Not a Chicken

Celestia waiting for her sister's return. Thank you all for your support. If it wasn't for each and every one of you, I wouldn't be the person I am today. :) -Not a Chicken
7 NATG2016 Day 15: The Process - Huffy26

Behold! The wondrous process that some of us is no doubt going through. >.>
8 All Night Babysitting - FlutterLove

9 GET OUT! - Ilukaappledash

when someone wont leave your house for 3 days and you miss multiple prompts #-.-
10 Me Right Now - AniRichie

True Story
11 - Dogjedi

I have no idea why the image resolution on Tumblr is so small considering that the actual image resolution is 3264x2448 and that I've seen bigger images than what it's resized to on Tumblr. Also I don't really have any of my sketches uploaded to DeviantArt, I only have my vectors there.
12 Green Leaf staying up late - Cloudy Sky

13 Hospital Nights - AaronMk

"... Flash?" "... Mhm?" "It's three in the morning, do you want to take her home?" "... Oh..." "We'll send someone by tomorrow morning to update you." "... Ok..." Based on: http://aaronmk.deviantart.com/art/Dinky-Hooves-Diaries-Entry-16-598012958 First page: http://aaronmk.deviantart.com/art/Dinky-Hooves-Diaries-Entry-1-598010206
14 It's so dark in here. - NothingSpecialx9

15 King Sombra - Sunrise Shine

16 ATG Day 15 - Another Late Night - Darelith

It sure is nice to have nights off sometimes. I was able to get this whole picture done from sketch to digital to shaded to special effects.
17 Day the Fifteenth - Norque

18 Gloom-aloo - Emerson Don D. Raymundo Jr.

Sometimes, the best thing to do when life pulls you down, is just walk along the darkness, all by yourself. Oh, and also listen to depressing songs, get some me-time, y'know? T_T
19 Under the Lunar Lights - Kenny Jung

Years have passed. Ponies have expanded far and wide. So did the small township of Ponyville. Luna's light once agan graced the night. While many ponies were in deep slumber, Velvet Sky was wide awake. As a bat pony she always liked the night, especially the moon. Maybe someday she'll reach its surface. Sleep tight my little ponies, a new world is about to unfold
20 ATG: The Courier - Cody Dillard

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