1 Waffles - Ingratate

DERPY! I DON'T THINK THAT'S WHAT THEY MEANT! Anyways, sorry this looks bad, I only spent 20 minutes on it, but it's still funny... Right?
2 Spoiled for choice - Slizergiy

3 day 10 - decisions - unoservix

hat tip to whoever it was who made that "Fellowship of the Vuvuzela" video during the 2010 World Cup. it was laffo.
4 Tough Times Deciding, Pinkie? - Afroquackster

5 Likely to order up. (eventually) - Jenbun Spahging

Hey don't laugh, plenty of people in the fast food business's get this kind of problem customer... I'm a relatable real world character with rabbit ears. Is it any wonder I find Angel Bunny attractive? Oh and thanks for alerting me to snag a pick of the Angel Bunny plushie Darkon, that was actually rather considerate of you.
6 Muffin Button? - Rebecca

7 Thinking is Tough - LessThanNormal

When your losing this bad, the only decision to make is whether to quit or not.
8 Midnight Snack - Arctic Lux

Took longer than usual... because waffles turned out to be so hard to draw.
9 Derpy's Choice - RFpones

Based on a promotional picture for the 2004 video game 'The Bard's Tale'. I replaced the signs 'Save the World' and 'Coin & Clevage' with 'Save Equestria' and 'Muffins and Plot', and the Bard with Derpy. My second game ponyfication in a row. This is also the first time I've drawn a pony from behind and the first time I've drawn a full background, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
10 Waffles and Hay Bacon - Richard il Miotastei

11 Rarity's Biggest Decision Ever - Christian Bravo

We know what she chose.
12 Artist Training Grounds - Day 10 - Picardy Third

Bonus points if you can read the text on the laptop screen
13 The Choice - Totally Generic Name

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, and you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."
14 Applejack making a decision - Cody Turner

It may not be obvious at first, but it's applejack picking family. One of the hardest choices you have to make in life is choosing between family, so yeah. Here's a pick of AJ doing just that.
15 Which song should I play next... - DJ Rainbow Dash

Proper music choices can be tough at times.
16 - Rachael

Poor Rarity the choice before her is daunting indeed!
17 Artist-Training-Grounds-Day-10-Submission - malcolm cann

i need to train on drawing spike
18 Day 10- Pinkie decides on a type of frosting - Kristen

Pinkie Pie licks frosting off a counter/table in order to decide which frosting would taste best with her most recent batch of cupcakes! I tried coloring this one with my colored pencils. I've since decided that this idea is not the best, and I probably won't be doing it again, except for little things.
19 One in every generation - Silly Words

Then Surprise cut the wrong wire. And that's the story of how she got her cutie mark.
20 Waffling it Away - Mellow Manner

Designing goalie gear to fit on ponies is not easy! So how does this relate to the topic you may ask? In the most obscure way possible of course! The blocker (the glove holding the stick for those who may not know) is occasionally referred to as a “waffle” or “waffle board.” So our goalie here has “waffle boarded the puck away.” Yeah I know, but it was the first thing I thought of that didn’t involve breakfast food!
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