181 One Of The Toughest Choices - Guephrën

This one can be interpreted in various ways, and while I think my idea with this picture is obvious I think I shouldn't tell you. You come up with your own interpretation! Hope you like it.
182 Choosing a Username - Fruitlessdog

Choosing a PERSONAL and SERIOUS username you can stick with is very tough to find. Maybe someone took yours, maybe you can only get it by adding "xXx_____xXx" or "____69" or "UpPeR cAsE" or something to that extent (which I hate), maybe you could only put all of your personal identity into it like "Pcat85WallStreet@NY", or maybe any old name can't fit. I love it when you find one, and no one can ever take it from you, like mine, or maybe Twilight's (If she can get one!)
183 Derpy Waffling - JayBug

Yeah, her body looks a bit funny in this picture and don't get me started on how her wings turned out. :P I . . . I just don't know what went wrong. (I'm sorry. That was pretty clich├ęd of me. Couldn't resist.)
184 My Little Hunger Games, Katniss Pony is Waffling - johnpaulgeorgeringo6

Poor Katniss pony cannot decide between Peeta pony and Gale pony. Whatever shall she do? I'm sure Pinkie would tell her to go for the Baker.
185 Diamond Tiara Prefers Pancakes - CaptainBoat

I'm not sure if it was uploaded the first time, so I'm trying again just to be sure.
186 Waffle it Easy! - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

Here's the Mane 6... as waffles... and as yukkuris! Yukkuris are these weird and adorable little bouncing head things from Touhou fandom. No, Touhou is not an anime... Is it just me or does it smell like syrup in here? Enjoy, and "Take it easy!" Colored in Paintshop Time: ~6 hours
187 New Dress - Underpable

188 And Now Begins the Friendship - Dane W.

INB4 NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THE REFERENCE. If you don't and you are curious, I try to explain it on the picture's dA page!
189 Fluttershy Waffling over Waffles - Dash-o-Salt

"I don't know, if you could, just, give me the round one...no, maybe the square one instead?"
190 When I can't think of what to draw - Espeonna

191 Gut Decision - Myrami

192 Gem Picking - John Elliott

What colour is in this season?
193 Red or Blue - ultireaper

194 Which one?! - Kaitlyn

195 Indecision - Kobaloi

196 Luna's Decision - Ann

Luna has to decide. Pikachu or Wartortle?
197 Energy Muffin - FuzzyStreak

Some form of contemplation going on here. Not that it's making any sense whatsoever.
198 I've Made Up My Mind - Calder Brown

199 - NoCtrl

of course not, its paper. paper sands hoof... yeah, i know it's cheap but i was short on time and this is still better than skipping a day
200 Waffle Pony - Tokyo-Oranges

Your very own waffle pony with a mane of real maple syrup and fresh butter!
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