201 - annopony

I feel bad for missing the submissions these past two days, so I though I'd do something special. This piece combines the themes of the last three days into one! And as an added bonus, I inked the whole thing as well. This one's my rough sketch
202 Muffin or cupcake? - Kuyon

Looks like somepony can't make up their mind one which one she should eat.
203 - annopony

Here's the same with ink
204 - Rebecca Skinner

205 Twilight's new invention - annopony

And the final detail work and cleanup. This was entry was heavily inspired by willy wonka's wonka-vision.
206 do you like waffles? - demented-Mr-Paulsen

207 EQD ATG II : Day 10: Clockwork and the Overused Gag. - Timothy Tung

Here, have some copypasta. Nomnomnom. Day 10: Draw a pony making a decision; draw a pony "waffling". Well, with a prompt like that, why not!? This will probably be the most overused gag this time round, but eh. I haven't the mental faculties to come up with anything more than this. FACIAL EXPRESSION PRACTICE IS GOOD.
208 World Domination - Sethisto

209 EQD ATG 2012 Day 10 Pony Making a Decision - Andrew Beran

210 Pointillism Fluttershy 2 - Wotato

I'm going to be away from home for the next week, so I wont be able to submit anything, but I Pinkie promise that I'll get right back to it when I get home!
211 The hardest decision of all - Rhianna

Rainbow Dash had a choice to make. The Wonderbolts or her friends. She chose to stay with her friends.
212 Berry punch 1 - Josef

Obvious decision is obvious :P
213 To (He)art decisions - Drew Mantz

I didn't have the time to work on this that I would liked. But I did /something/, but it isn't the best. Hoping for the best, --DrizzleMutt
214 Derpy Is Considering A Very Important Question - Lorin D.

Not my best work, but tried something different and colored it.
215 - Heir of Rick

216 Fluttershy and Baby Angel - Kristaline

I think Fluttershy making the decision to keep baby Angel is a big one ;)
217 Rarity's Order - Chaos15

Soup or salad, that is the question... apparently Rarity has the answer.
218 NATG Day 10: 'Waffle' - Kinrah

Out of Twilight's mouth as words, then in to Pinkie's head and out again as confetti.
219 Decisions - Twiggeh

First time using Gimp. Whoo!
220 go to bed or draw ponies? - Jacob

probably not going to be the only one who did something like this, but too tired to care right now
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