261 Humm... - Silent Machina

Yeah... Not exactly inspired work today. But I am sort forming a pattern, and if it continues, I should have some mojo again tomorrow.
262 Decision - Cheeselover25

263 Novell's Choice - Croswynd

“Bu-bu-but!” Havoc imitated, cackling insanely and breathing in a deep breath. “Ah, you ponies amuse me. No wonder Discord locked me away to continue his fun! To be free again...maybe I’ll even keep a few of you around as pets. How would you like to be my servant, Novell? You could be as powerful as your silly regal duo! Imagine, never being laughed at or cursed again, controlling ponies with an iron hoof!” The beast ran a claw along Novell’s jaw, cradling his chin between two of the sharp nails as he tried to shy away. “To have everything you ever want, to see all the things that can be seen, and to know it is all at the wave of a hoof. I’ll even tell you now what you’re meant to do if you join me. Come now, does this not tempt you?” - Unmarked, Chapter 8: Frozen Moments
264 - Garnet

265 Frisbee with frozen waffles! - Fluffy

I couldn't resist drawing this. I'll bet I wasn't the only one! Also, yay my first comic haha!
266 Decisions, Decisions - Mike

Will it be the Ripple, or the 20/20?
267 Airen's deciding... - argames

...how to get someone else to color him.
268 To Smile... - Nick Phillpott

Played around with inkscape more. I find the hardest part to do is everything especially the eyes.
269 Maple Syrup - Canvas Painter

"It was the choice of a lifetime, the kind of decision that would affect the life of any ordinary stallion. Two options lay before Time Turner; and to day that they were a horse apiece is an understatement. Pancakes or Waffles? "
270 The great question - F4celess

Waffle is the only option. Too bad Intel doesn't know. also, you can make waffles from a pancake mix, but not the other way(duh).
271 Decisions Decisions - Caresse-par-la-lumie

It's supposed to be a bit younger of a Derpy.
272 Leggo my Eggo Rainbow Dash! - Mark Elling

Let go of it yah varmint!
273 Derpy Can't Decide (Fixed) - Petra Michael (Utahraptorz)

I tried to tell Derpy to make a decision, but she just can't decide which muffin to eat! (Well, I kinda failed epically on my last entry. I forgot to draw in Derpy's wings! How could I have missed that? So I went back and fixed that problem.)
274 Chimicherrychanga - Spark Burst

275 Waffaloo Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Here we have Scootaloo as a waffle trying to decide what kind of topping she wants. Waffaloo. There were probably a lot of other waffle ponies submitted for this day, so why not add one more to the mix? Comments are welcome and appreciated.
276 PInkie Pie is Confuzzled - Kumquat1123

277 Wheel of Ponality - Macchiato Jolt

Phoe discovered how Sethisto chooses his favorite pony... and improved it.
278 Dropping the Base - alleynurr

Do you like my baseline?
279 Artist Training Grounds, Day 10 - AthiyahTA

Artist Training Grounds, Day 10. Quillivia Papurus/Agent 21 trying to make a decision. If you can't read what is in the pic, let me narrate it for you. ............................................................................................. Quillivia/21: OK, now I'm down to either Murder Mystery or Horror/Screamer. Both massive subjects, could take me months to write and compile even an average youth's book. But which to choose? Quillivia's/21's Thoughts: Murder Mystery or Horror/Screamer? Murder Mystery? Horror/Screamer? Murder Mystery? Horror/Screamer? MM? H/S? MM? H/S? MM? H/S? *Picture of Pinkamena Diane Pie (Straight hair, Crazy Pie) with words: MIND OVERLOAD, obstructing rest of thoughts.*
280 Decisions Decisions... - Nathan Thomas

Pinkie Pie has to make the hardest decision ever.
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