281 Derpy must decide - Anime Underdog (AKA, Slipgate Ranger)

I decided for this image, I'll upload an image through my Anime Underdog alias. Derpy is deciding what kind of Muffin she wants for lunch. What Muffin do YOU want? :D
282 Every Pony Major's Terrible! - Arcovia

I can't imagine a harder decision for Twilight than choosing her college major. At least until she sees that Magic Studies is an option.
283 You can only choose one - Leo Roivas

284 The decision that led them here - JunaE_CBS

There you go. I admit that this theme didn't inspire me that much... I mean, this was the third or fourth idea I attempted; the "making waffles" didn't work out, and the second one I couldn't bring myself to do it.. So I went for something from the show, and got this.
285 Twilight is waffling - John

286 A serious decision - Gus

Herpy must make the difficult decision between his best friends, or some tempting fire. I sure hope he makes the right choice.
287 Pinkie Waffling - Asian Man

for some reason surfing came to mind mind when i saw waffling so here is pinkie pie surfing with a waffle on a sea of syrup
288 The Choices Are Yours and Yours Alone - Trekkie2063

289 Waffling Decision - Yamahawk

Making a decision to waffle.
290 It's never coming out - Lord Bababa

Because my hand writing sucks, the sign is hard to read so I'll just type it out: "Not moving 'till FF Versus XIII Comes out! ~Twilight" Was going to do Half Life 3, but that joke's been made a million times already.
291 Twicisions. - Akirasip

Have some Twilight reading book about decisions. I missed the previous day, had no good ideas going. But i didn't miss today though. And even completed drawing for yesterday cause had nice idea after i've had a good sleep. However drawing late in the morning is definitely not the very best idea...
292 My struggles to understand the 3-dimensional poni. - Mister Twister

This is far from perfect. And that makes me sad :'(
293 Twilight Waffling - Andy

I regret nothing.
294 ''Waffled'' - Underpable

295 The Best Decision - spacepig22

Didn't come out as well as I'd hoped... but my first idea when I thought of decisions was "To be, or not to be?" and then I thought of stupid soap-opera-ish dilemmas.
296 NATG Day 10 Sketch - Copper

297 I choose Chimicherry - Shirkstalker

Pinkie Pie went with chimicherry since chimicherries have slightly more cherries than cherrychangas.
298 - Pawkun

299 Decisions Decisions.... - Xander S

Drew Mage deciding what fruit she wanna eat. took me a while but i like it:) Who knew drawing it bigger would make it easier??? O.o hahaha:P Enjoy, Every-Pony! :D
300 Oh God, this is horrible. - PoniesPerMinute

I fell asleep and only had time left to make this... I feel so ashamed...
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