341 Waffling - Ishkie

Waffling! It's like juggling, but with waffles! This was rushed because I waited until too late to start drawing >.<
342 really tough choice... - Joseph Scheidemandel

I STILL cant tell the difference...
343 Lyra sure loves waffles - Flaxative

I dunno, I sure hope you were looking for the foodstuff waffles.
344 Waffle - DiscordedHarmony

345 Battlefield 3: Equestria - Fatal Decision - Duskfall

Heh, my first Battlefield 3/MLP crossover. Me gusta. For those of you who don't understand how this is related to the prompt, here's a reference video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj1BL4hDDKk
346 NO MEANS NO - Night

...Kill me now. I'm starting to get desperate.
347 Fluttershy Decides to Take a Leap of Faith - fourmguyd

348 Waffling's a Funny Word - Thomas

"Relax Twilight! Besides, on what other occasion will I have an excuse to wear my super-duper waffle enthusiasts hat! I wear it so rarely as is!"
349 Obsessed with waffles - Sean M. Swindon

Ok, still not liking how my scanner is still screwed up and I have to use my phone... Oh well. I got this idea immediately after reading the NATG thing. Thank you awkward moment in Hearts and Hooves Day when the CMC are looking for a suitor for Cheerilee.
350 "Waffling Pony" - Dave10772

This is Sweetstuff. She is a waffle pony. Her hair is whipped cream, drenched in syrup and topped with butter, and her coat right down to her hooves is golden brown and toasted. She also carries a jug of maple syrup on her head in case anyone wants a sip. And he's blushing. Always. Because waffles are awesome, and that makes her awesome so she's all flustered. So, toast. Kinda'.
351 Pinkie Continues to Waffle - Thomas

"Okay, maybe if I just do Eenie-Meanie-Minnie-Mo, Catch-a-tiger-by-the...wait...WHY DON'T I JUST EAT BOTH?!" And she did.
352 - BLAHBLAH682

353 What Am I Fighting For? - Rytel

354 Easy Decision - Poniker

NATG Day 10: Draw a pony making a decision; Draw a pony waffling Bleh, had literally no time to do this, but I had to do something, so here it is.
355 Celestia's Choice - TheSolitarySandpiper

Banishing your own sister to the moon for a thousand years, whether she's evil or not, has got to be a difficult decision.
356 Chimy-Cherry or Cherry-Chonga - Eder

357 Rough Night - Norque

Waffles make everything better
358 Only one?! - Timothy K.

Why only one book?...
359 Pinkie Pie Chooses a Pokemon - Evan Webb

So yeah, I drew this WAY too small.... Sorry about that. I deserve your eternal spite for my insurrection...
360 Cloudchaser Waffling - Cyberfire22

Was rather rushed with this. I'm not 100% happy with it, but it is all I had time to do. Instead of following the route many other people probably took in their drawings, I decided to make "waffling" mean something like surfing. Here is Cloudchaser "Waffling" on a wave of maple syrup.
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