381 Applejack Can't Pick an Army - Nevillucy

382 Derpy Makes Waffles - Fetchbeer

The server may be down, but at least I have waffles!
383 Scootaloo's Waffles - Brent Syphus A.K.A cyber5555

This is for day ten of the NATG II: Draw a pony making a decisions/Or a pony waffling, so I drew Scootaloo with a plate of waffles and yes I know what waffling really mean.
384 Decision - Redenaz

Star Drops finds himself struggling with some life-changing questions. Return home to Los Pegasus and his free lifestyle? Or stay with his newfound friends in Cloudsdale, where he could have a career if he applies himself? I got a little more painterly with coloring this one, because I'd like to practice my digital painting. The hard black lines clash with the painterly coloring, though, which I'm not really happy about, but it wasn't practical to fix it for the Training Grounds, thanks to the way the color layers were fixed. Ah, well, I'm sure I'll get another chance another day.
385 Choose Wisely - Mr. Boltitude

386 Here we come a Waffling - Daley doodle

I'm at a different house, so had to quickly do this. XP I'm sure this joke was used, but I had to go with it. if anyone has seen the Claymation Christmas, they should know the popular Christmas carol "here we come a wassailing" is often mus-pronounced, and waffling' is one of the verses they use. :3 I think Pinkie would like that verso better!
387 Lazy sketch of derpy failing at mailing. - vonbon strangle

Lazy sketch of derpy failing at mailing.
388 Pancakes or Waffles - Matthew Nystrom

What to choose?
389 The Perfect Solution - Olivia Nystrom

Why waffle over waffles? I tried posing this time!
390 Choices - Slim Shadow

391 The Ultimate Decision - Cool_Blues

Cupcake or Muffin? What would YOU pick?
392 Waffle time - Erika

I had to draw this fairly quickly since I started way too late. I will be changing my name to Eddykins for the rest of my drawings.
393 Morning Decisions - Sonic-Ratchet

394 Waffling over Waffles - Luminous Lead

Pancakes or Waffles? Hmmm.....
395 Pressure - Hafunui

It's animated!

I drew this while drunk. DON'T JUDGE ME.
397 Rainbow Sad's Decision - Auryn

Yay shipping! Rainbow Dash making a tough decision about the two I see her shipped with the most. Turned out very well! Done on the 3DS.
398 Choose Wisely - LonelyEyeball

This happens to me every time I go to IHOP.
399 Snap Decision - Frith

Three hours to sketch (2B pencil), five hours to colour (MyPaint). That just ain't right. Source imagery: Fluttershy's face when she gets called to the stage by Iron Will, her mouth when she realizes that she's late for Celestia's tea party, and Philomena as the source of the conflict and snap decision. Now back to bed.
400 Maple Syrup Overload - FrostMusic

I was really busy today, but I still wanted to throw something together quickly for this. So here it is. After a long day of deciding whether to try something new just to be clever about a waffle pun, jelly-loving pony decided to hang around some maple syrup. Didn't turn out too well.
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