401 Equeruga - txteclipse

My earth pony OC playing Ikaruga! So many bullets. Also pony arcades with giant buttons!
402 A Hard Choice - DrCob

403 The Hardest Decision - Callmemitch

I guess I was still thinking about yesterday's theme. I wish I had spent more time on it and had Fluttershy dressed as Oak.
404 - Immersa

So I couldn't decide what to do, and spent all day trying to figure it out between other tasks . . . and eventually I decided to stop waffling and drew a opony who'se special talent was making waffles.
405 Who will you choose? - DCHorror

Angel Twilight: We should really put a stop to this. Demon Rarity: Unless we can find some mud...
406 Pinkie Can't Decide - HollowZero

I couldn't do as much today, I was at a party. So a simple image it is...but at least I made one at all! Pinkie must decide whether she wants to make waffles or pancakes...quite a tough decision.
407 Whooves' choice - Zeckal

Snout is kinda short decided to try some color today
408 Can't decide - aj_joe

Rarity having problems to decide which gem to use in her new outfits. Life can be really complicated to a fashion designer, even if ponies rarely use dresses. Hope you like it.
409 Waffling Pony - DrinkEvilTea

Yep. I went there, and I regret nothing!
410 Breakfast With Pinkie - Totality

411 Big, Serious Decisions - Broken Logic

*I think I'll have the strawberry cheesecake. No, make that Bavarian. Can't forget about the apple pie... Oh, and waffles.* Celestia's her name, making big decisions is her game. Some decisions are helped, while others are hindered, by an empty stomach.
412 OTP = Octavia + Waffles - AniRichie

I was TOTALLY misinformed apparently until I learned what waffling actually MEANT! I'm very late doing this one since I've been busy all day and will be again tomorrow, but here is my late submission. I had no idea what waffling meant and just like everyone else's Day 10 pictures, I wanted to make a waffle gag. I couldn't think of anything un........ OH MY GOD OCTAVIA HAS A WAFFLE FETISH! And this came to be. I'M ALSO SORRY AHEAD OF TIME FOR DESTROYING OCTAVIA FOR YOU ALL. LMFAO No, I'm not! XD
413 AJ waffle - Christin Hampton

414 PBJ&W vs Waffle Salad - Wryte

The guys take their waffles very seriously. Also, I need to start on these earlier.
415 Dash's Dilemna - Randomjack

Dash faces the age old reading-out-of-order conundrum. I really would have liked to vector this and do it properly, but something came up and I only just got the chance to work on it. I'll add it to my "do better one day" list that is growing at an alarming rate.
416 Two Roads - Drakmire

Applejack took the one less traveled by, naturally. I need to learn how to tree. -.-
417 Morning Decisions - Samsally

418 Waffling Around - MasterofRoku

Pinkie just can't decide what she wants at IHOP. Should she choose the ever so delicious pancakes or the scrumptious waffles?
419 Whatever you did, Scoots... - ExudesAffluence

Five minutes before deadline! Huff, huff, huff. Anyways, enjoy some nice lighting!
420 Guessing Game - StopShot

It's an uncompleted work, but it matches the theme like it should, so that shouldn't be a problem since the second panel contains the punchline that's unrelated to it. If I have enough time to complete I will submit it.
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