421 She's always got her giant hat - SevooHypreD

mhmhm something giant hat
422 Best in Town... Best Around... - SirRyanTheHarris

I had to reference this scene from Spongebob. :D
423 Enough waffling! - Phil Coast

424 Decisions, decisions.. - BatteryBiscuits

Such a heart-rending choice! (Not one of my best works, this one was a bit rushed since i had to come up with something for the theme ^^; but enjoy ^^ )
425 So Many Choices - Valkyrie-Girl

And now we return to your regularly scheduled nonsense.
426 The Choice - Paradigm Pizza

427 Deicisions, Deicisions, Deicisions. - Falzaro

Which will make the better Firework?
428 Waffles!!! - RiokennG3

429 Executive Decision - ABronyAccount

430 Growing up? - Hawklaser

Pinkie is currently stuck in the middle of figuring it out what it means to be grown up. There is more behind this one, involving a C.S. Lewis quote, and event regarding Harry Potter. More details in the DA description.
431 Apple Bloom Wafflin' - ArrJaySketch

Apple Bloom waffling! That's not really wafflin', but don't tell her! :)
432 Sorry - PropertyOfPinkiePie

My mom took the camera for a family vacation so I didn't have much time to work on this :/
433 EQD-ATG Day 10: Indecisive Pony Work In Progress - Char the Dragon

Lol, I didn't give myself near enough time to completely finish this one. So here's 2 panels and a "work-in-progress" disclaimer. I plan on finishing the whole comic eventually.
434 I can't choose...! - Syn_Prototyper

Kind of rushed, but hopefully got the message across.
435 Designing Options - 8-Bit64

My 10th day drawing a pony. This was a total cop-out today. I was running late on it and procrastinating and had no time left to complete it, rushing... I'm surprised it came out this well, considering my only major error was the disproportionate leg sizes. I'm kind of impressed. If I had known how involved rarity's hair was, I wouldn't have drawn her on a time limit...
436 Which one? - Alan "Darastrix" the Awesome

EQD NATG submission. Once I read the challenge for the day my mind just thought of the Chimicherrychanga episode. Enjoy. P.S. apologies for the poor handwriting.
437 Waffle Pie - Acceleron

I need to make these faster hehe. Too many distractions.
438 Damnit Raritym your hair is hard to draw. - Entropy

I had a coloured version but I anti-aliased it out of existence... Remember kids, don't apply filters over and over again if you are sure how many levels of undo you have. -.-
439 Mornin' Applejack - Franzeir

The only thing I could think of was waffles.
440 Daring Do and the Temple of Hesitancy - Ka'aahi

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