441 Tough Decisions - Roboticorn

This won't end well.
442 Derpy Waffling - Aaron Ault

Whatever Waffling Means
443 thinking rarity - Kirbyflea

please leave comments, I have a lot to learn, and could use a lot of feed back. thank you.
444 EQD NATG Day10 - PaladinDrakkenwolf - PaladinDrakkenwolf

Ketchup... Catsup... Ketchup... Catsup...
445 Honest Quandary - Zoarvek

I can't decide what to draw, so just have some random background pony doing random stuff.
446 It Has To Be The Same, Right? - Cudle

Did you know pancake and waffle batter are the same thing? You can even make biscuits with it! ...but waffles don't fly in the air as good as their flatter cousins!
447 Big Mac's Quandry - Littlecolt

Come on, Big Mac! This is a TOTALLY easy decision!
448 Which book to read first? - Ryan

Which book to read next, important book #1, or important book #2. Hmmmm.....
449 Choices - Delta Pangaea

450 Ponifying myself... How to look.. What to be? - Alex Longclaw

My newly created OC How is he going to be like? How is he going to look like? So many choices... can't decide!
451 To the moon - Forger

I had a lot of fun drawing this but I got really sloppy with it, hope it's no to bad..
452 I Can't Decide - Leafgrowth

453 No wait the soup. - Daniel S Gibson

Where dose it hurt? (I had a lot of fun drawing this one, I did use a reference image for some parts of the medic armor, but otherwise it was all me. Only thing that bothered me is that the armor looked better uncolored, but otherwise I’m very happy with it.)
454 Sethisto Waffling - chriswillpony

455 Derpy''s Decision - John Davidson

This was done in just a few minouts at the last bit of time in the day(11:50 ish). and thus it is not very good. I will update my Deviant art page with the finished version sometime tomorrow. sorry for my incompetence.
456 Which Color? - ClockworkDetective

Unfortunately, I only had time for a quick and simple one. So, have Rarity trying to decide which color she wants to use. I didn't forget the magic aura this time, but I didn't have the time to figure out how to make it semi transparent. I have also determined that Rarity might be the hardest pony I've drawn so far.
457 Shining Armor needs a ring - Tradley

He needs to decide which to pick for his future wife. (Made with Anime Studio 8)
458 All I'm offering is the truth, nothing more - Greywander

459 So Many Waffles - Heartsvenom

Had such a hard time with today's prompt. No excuse for procrastinating though >.<
460 The Hardest Choice - Sammy Jack

When your friends turn to zombies, will you be able to do what it takes to survive? I didn't have any crayons, so Pinkie looks horrid
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