1 day 11 - fixing things - unoservix

technically once they turn on the laser Derpy's eyes won't be crossed anymore
2 Fixing the Bass Cannon - Arctic Lux

The Daleks are technologically outmatched by new advances in bass warfare.
3 Mummy Fixes Amethyst Dawn's Fairy Wand - Rebecca

4 Fine Fixing - LessThanNormal

Sometimes theres things that you just say "No" to.
5 Lyra cleric mending fluttershy - Cody Turner

Lyra as a cleric mending a sick fluttershy, what's more to say?
6 handy/hoofy colt? - RX64

well when it comes to fixing things, star streak cannot be trusted. he may be fast o his hoofs but when comes to repairing things, well you know the rest. I think star chaser has been learning random things from pinkie pie. (Lyra: HEY COME BACK HERE!!!) oops gotta run.
7 11th day , Derpy , the nuclear scientist - Nicolas.N.

because putting derpy in charge of the maintenance of the equestrian nuclear armoury is not a bad idea at all
8 Poorly Drawn Rainbow Dash Attampting to Fix a Chair - SideswipePrime

Yeah...I put like 0 effort into this, the theme was to show a pony fixing something. So, I decided to draw a poorly drawn Rainbow Dash attepting to fix a poorly drawn chair. Enjoy
9 Likely getting a meal fixed - Jenbun Spahging and Mandy Tise

Well Mandy did do such a good impersonation of Applejack once that I think Phoe had actually mistook her for an actual earth pony missing the fact that she has mantis pincers and is a centaur in nature. (In fact it confused more then one person, she's just that good at disguising herself.) I'm almost a vegetarian, eggs just have to taste so darn good sometimes and it's not like the ponies don't eat them either right? I still wonder why I'm friends with a known carnivore and work at a place where carnivores go... in the end it doesn't really bother me all that much.
10 - Philipp Golenz Azurblau

11 It burnt my muffins - Slizergiy

12 Mending Hearts - Ingratate

A pony mending a broken heart. This would've been better, but I got sleepy halfway through, so I stopped caring about how it looked.
13 Duct Tape - antiemuforce

14 Derpy get's it done! - Runbow Dash

15 There, fixed it! - RFpones

16 Hammer? Hammer. - Christian Bravo

Title. Nuff said.
17 Healing - Madcrafter

18 get better... - hurrrg

"On the mend" = "Healing" = "Shipper fuel". Obviously.
19 Derpy'll fix it right up! - Maxcube

20 Scoot's Wings - GraphiteSketch

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