221 Foreleg broken, forever scarred - JunaE_CBS

Since there wasn't anything from the show I wanted to draw for this theme, I went with my own life. Here you have Autumn Leaf (which I use to represent myself), having his left foreleg broken and on a cast (yes, I was in a cast very young). Hope the foal isn't at Mare-Do-Well's level of creepy!
222 - Madison

223 Clueless - Devon

224 Repair MARE MARE MARE MARE on the mend - Dash-o-Salt

"I'm the repair MARE MARE MARE MARE!" "Broken nose bone? I can repair that! Majjigity!"
225 A Morning Painting - Troy Jacobsen

Fixing up the old tree house with some paint
226 Derpy fixing a fence - Kuyon

Couldn't think of anything else to fix so I chose a fence. Derpy despite damaging town hall before has actually worked on her skills and is not a half bad carpenter now. (this is a new pose for me and came with challenges) (grrr the back legs I couldn't get to look decent for a while).
227 - Blood_Diamond

228 Poor Plushie - Eliza Bolen

Always handle them with care!
229 Self-Maintenance - Espresso

230 Rainbow Dash Got Busted Version 2 - Dixie

Version Two of my other entry. I hate the lighting on this one. Tried coloring for the first time, not sure if the results are bad or I just hate my own art as soon as I finish it.
231 Blackjack on the Mend - Maple Sugar

232 Derpy Saves teh Interwebz! (Well, the ATG uploader anyways) - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

Yesterday, the Artist Training Grounds uploader on Equestria Daily broke. The admins sent Derpy to fix it... I just don't know what went wrong... but Derpy was actually successful in repairing the uploader's Interwebz! Dinky was also there for moral support. There was much rejoicing! Colored in paintshop. Inked with pen. Time: About 6 hours? I sort of took several short breaks during this one's production.
233 Derpy's Repair Group! - ShadowForce75

Fixing things like new-esk since..... uh.... a long time ago!
234 NATG Day 11: 'Mend' - Kinrah

Not quite sure what happened but it looks like it hurt. Fortunately ponies mend themselves quickly.
235 That should fix it... - Natsusume

Yeah, throwing a wrench at your computer should totally fix it! That's what wrenches are for, right? Critique and comments are appreciated! http://natsusume.deviantart.com/gallery
236 - ZeldaTheSwordsman

237 Engie Pony - Nick

My first try at shading of any kind. I think it turned out pretty well!
238 Utterly Inconspicuous - Heir of Rick

239 derpy fixes the server - DignitySquared

(Well, more like "derpy takes credit for fixing the server"...)
240 We all have bad days - Heartbeat

This was my first comic and I had no idea how much work it took
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