281 Mending Friendships - Spark Burst

I just don't know what went wrong...
282 Mending Your Moons - OSRainStorm

283 Mama's kiss makes it all better! - Syn_Prototyper

The ultimate pain-reliever when you were a kid: Mama's kiss!
284 Fixing Scootabot - Forward Bias

285 Queen Faust Fixes a Fallen Franchise - Brandon "Sketchin' Etch" Thompson

Hail the queen!
286 Buildin' a Sentry - Revas

I'm not sure how she's holding the wrench, but that's beside the point!
287 Training Grounds II: Day 11: Pony Mending - Bleye

I'm a terrible person! I've been putting my little ponies through so much for the past few days. Too bad I'm not going to give them a break!
288 Fluttershy the Master Mechanic - Nathan Thomas

289 Ponified Annabelle -- Broken Pencil - Alexander Johnson

Annabelle has broken her favorite giant pencil. Her cousin Martin is fixing it for her.
290 Downtrodden - BND

291 A Guiding Hoof - EnigmaticThief

I'll have to get the rest of the Flower Trio into future pieces.
292 Mending Rainbow Dash - Ancantus

First time doing a SVG (or any digital art). I will admit, its much more fun than drawing. While it takes longer, I have a lot more control to get things right. Anyways, its rainbow dash mending (cause I already had rainbow dash started from another day I couldn't finish).
293 This is have to do. - Entropy

I'm not happy with this drawing but have been called into work at short notice, so this will have to do for today.
294 Broken Time Box - Canvas Painter

"Drillbit tore it!" A rather upset colt stared at his painted cardboard box. This was the fourth box he and Clawstar had gone through since starting their time travel game. Clawstar's little brother enjoyed destroying several unsuspecting boxes in borderline psychopathic manor. Clawstar looked at the piece on the floor. It was nothing a few strips of gaffer tape couldn't fix. "It's okay, Timer, I can fix it!" The filly took a strip and began to reattach the wayward board back onto TimeBoxMrkIV. Time Turner looked on with a silly grin. He always knew that Clawstar would fix any problem they encountered. Have it be a scrapped knee or a tree meant to be a dinosaur. "Come on! We have too save the queen of the bee ponies from the terror of the triceratops ninjas!" Time Turner exclaimed and jumped into the box. It was high time for a little blue box to sail the universe once again. - The Tale of Time Turner
295 Fixing a Computer the Right Way - Dustin

when some one asks me on how to fix his or her computer, I tell them take a hammer to it until the problem stops... And sometimes I want to do this to my computer when it freezes on me
296 mend - Dan S.

close enough
297 NATG day 11 AJ on the Mend - Droso/Solitary Brony

I've seen soooo many images of Dashie having broken something on her body. AJ does just as much strenuous stuff as Dashie, so it seems to reason that she'd get hurt every once in a while as well. So that's what I drew, AJ on the mend after hurting Kicks McGee.
298 I have no idea what he's fixing. - PieDisliker

Too lazy to draw the actual barn, so use your imagination to decide what he's fixing!
299 Fixy No Worky - Xander S

Drew Mage trying to fix her toy car and failing. Did this quick and at last min but it turned out ok. Oh, and i finally used NO REFERENCES! :D:D:D Also Experimented with some new colors since i got a 24 pack today, hopefully gonna try something slightly more challenging for my pony next time. Enjoy! :D
300 Derpy wait! - Cheeselover25

...I just asked you to help me clean my table! I need it to draw!
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