301 Rarity Mends - zztfox

Rarity mends Smarty Pants for Big Mac. Have yet to draw Rarity, Big Mac, or Smarty Pants for that matter!
302 Scootaloo's Cast Signing to Be Held at Ponyville General - Z

More Rainbow Dash, this time featuring Scootaloo. ^_^;
303 Fixing Filly - Wesley

Filly Fixing a Computer
304 Rarity's Bad Hair Day - ETech

Well, she TRIED to fix it... something tells me your cutie mark won't be in hair-cutting, Sweetie Belle. (I don't know why I like Sweetie's facial expression in this one, but I do - enough for me to ignore that the blue-tint effect I tried for Rarity's reflection really didn't work at all.
305 Fixin' Ma' Dispensa' - Evan Webb

I just knew that SOMEBODY was going to do something like this, so hey, thought I may as well be the one. Feel free to scorn my art.
306 A very lazy fix - Scrawling Violet

It won't fix the race very well; Soarin' can just eat the pie and not blow the race. Or maybe the pie is a bomb.
307 The Regular - Yamahawk

Dash makes a habit of injuring herself every week, someone has to fix her up.
308 Steampunk Derpy Hooves fixing her wing - Gabriev

Scanner still causing problems...
309 Get Well Soon - Samsally

310 I Fixed Your Show for You - spacepig22

Lauren Faust fixing My Little Pony.
311 Leisure Time 2.5-Fixing His Mess - Cloud Drifter/ClassicAce

Remember the table my oc smashed on day IX? Link:http://i1160.photobucket.com/albums/q492/ClassicAce/DSC01025.jpg Well, he also smashed the 3DS along with it. So I took it upon myself to ship it out and get it fixed thanks to my good friend Izen. -Classic
312 Ocular Repair - Alex Reyes

I am running out of ideas. Sorry for the declining quality of my work.
313 Pinkie "Modifies" Some Art - Arcovia

I don't even know...
314 Doctor Whooves Fixes a Time Crack - Ryan McFarland

How do these keep popping up? How indeed....
315 Pony In Space - HorizonsBound

A pony fixing something.... in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
316 NATG Day 11: Derpy, I don't think this is right - Cordaxir

Twi: Well, for starters, you were supposed to be fixing a lantern...I'm not upset. I'm actually impressed
317 Octavia's Revenge - BronyZ

Vinyl's very into fixing that speaker and Octavia's got the stereo cranked to 11...
318 Can't fix this... - Timothy K.

What a piece of crap...
319 Fixer-Upper - olywolf

320 I FIXED YOUR WORLD - Gary Duquette

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