321 Cutie Mark Crusader Carpenters! - LonelyEyeball

322 The Aftermath - TheSolitarySandpiper

After all those bears got beat up in Day 7, where did you expect they would go to recover? Fluttershy has been seeing ursine patients for days!
323 Fix 'er Up! (Part 1) - Gemini Shadows

So, here we have Applebloom working on repairing a Scootaloo-shaped hole in the side of the barn at Sweet Apple Acres. Looks like this most recent attempted flight ended in quite the crash.
324 Fix 'er Up! (Part 2) - Gemini Shadows

And here's the aftermath for Scootaloo. She looks pretty battered up, but I'm sure she'll be okay. She seems in particularly high spirits thanks to a visit from Rainbow Dash and her copy of Daring Doo.
325 Ready To Go! - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

Scoots likes what she sees.
326 It ain't broke... - Truce

Poor Winona!
327 The Great and Powerful Bookie - Japanese Teeth

Figured I'd be clever about the prompt for once and draw Trixie trying to fix a fight of some sort. Apologies for the handwriting.
328 Derpy Fixes a Mail Box - ACanOfTuna

Derpy - "I don't know what went wrong"
329 Fixin' Things - PropertyOfPinkiePie

The roommates try and "fix" the red ring of death.
330 I Fixed It! - Delta Pangaea

331 EQDNATG Day 11: Pony fixing something - Dave10772

Cogscycle working on some sort of steam-based, gear-churning machine! Welding goggles are nice and stylish!
332 Pound Cake - Rodrigo

Pound Cake trying to repair his toy car, probably my best piece of art
333 Fixxxer - Atlur

In reference to the Metallica song, Fixxxer
334 Applebloom the Roadie - Anime Underdog (AKA, Slipgate Ranger)

This is my Fifth entry to the NATG, and it's by far one of my favorite Pony drawings that I've done so far. Here, Applebloom is a grown up, and also a Roadie. She's checking the mice, like any good Roadie does.
335 MS Paint pony - fourmguyd

336 i just wanted a muffin - Soulnar

hitting something really hard counts as fixing right? not 100% done due to time constraints ._. and i wont have internet so i cant participate for a few days
337 Bandages - Michael Huss

"Hold still so i can fix your face."
338 To Cowschwitz 2 - Afion Ruki

Cowschwitz Theme Park was down. I suggest you don't visit it.
339 - BLAHBLAH682

340 Hammer is answer to mind derp - Sean M. Swindon

I'm just gonna stop trying to keep count. When I begrudgingly got up and read the challenge for today's NATG, I honestly didn't think I could do it. Especially with how things have been going lately in the past few days. But, after a small reprieve, a bit of dinner(with something special to drink) I suddenly got the inspiration to draw this. My OC Boom Shot trying to fix my inspiration through hammer. Thankfully this didn't actually happen.
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