341 Day Eleven - EricaC78

342 Derpy Fix'd It - Evgeny (TheDoom)

343 Bed Rest - Geradex Acondari

This ATG is starting to create stories in my head... this would be a follow up of "Living Shield" more or less.
344 Twilight Accidently a Tear in Reality - DrCob

345 Mending a Friend - Slowter

346 Quick Fix - UnknownSociopath

Let's kill two birds with one stone, eh? Colgate in her naval engineer RIG, fixing something that's probably important. Let's face it. If Isaac Clarke was a pony, he would be Colgate. Kinesis = Unicorn telekinesis. Stasis = Time magic, gained from having a time cutiemark.
347 Poor Screwloose - Underpable

They will.
348 Derpy and roof fixing - Kristaline

So I draw Derpy fixing the roof… - You fix the roof with WHAT ?! - Clouds. They are so fluffy. - But these are thunderclouds !
349 Handy-Stallion - Dane W.

Comp derped hard today and I spent most of the day fixing it. Ironic considering the theme. So have a rushed, bungled attempt at Big Macintosh! Eeyup.
350 Apple Mending - Auryn

All aboard the fail ladder. Lots of experimentation equal mixed results.
351 Fix'd - Kelzae

352 Cutie Mark Crusader Spay/Neuter Clinic is Go! - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

After their failed attempts earning their cutie marks at druidic rituals and cultist witchcraft, the Cutie Mark Crusaders try opening up a clinic to "fix" the other ponies' pets! This couldn't end well... This one is drawn with ink and colored in marker. I decided to make this one to sort of experiment with the use of markers as a coloring medium since their brightness and non-mix-iness makes them difficult to create color effects that don't look terrible. Mainly what I did was use the main marker colors for subjects as an outline, then use a substitute lighter color for coloring interior parts. For example, Winona has brown marker around her outline, but I actually used red and orange marker inside. Similarly, I made the trees' leafy parts green around the edges but yellow in the mid-interior. I also relied on white areas to create the illusion of lighter colored areas.
353 Rarity fixing her gown - Clair Luree

354 Caboose Mater of Fixing! - Renee Elsesser

Caboose isn't good at fixing things... And Church Understands this first hand... Also Tucker Debut!!
355 Poor Oblivious Winona - Xanderreh

snip snip
356 1,000 Paper Pegasi - phallen1

It's a Neighponese folklore thing that made its way to Equestria, that anypony who folded one thousand origami pegasi would be granted a wish. Is it true? Who knows, but while Scootaloo is out of commission, Rainbow Dash is willing to help her find out.
357 Homage fixes a Toaster - EbonyMasque

Where are good toaster repairponies when you need them...
358 Mend Book - Frith

I drew the table and the book first. Since it looked OK, I added in Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. Um, two hours, one reference: Twilight receiving the all-teams vest at the end of Winter Wrap Up. I did a horizontal flip of the image so Rarity and Twilight were facing the way I envisioned. I drew small so it would go faster. Rarity's hair is fun to draw. No colour tonight. I'm a gonna sleep. That link to a delete code you get after you submit? Can't select it to copy it, and too much work to carefully type out when it's so late that I can't keep both eyes open at the same time. But it's a great idea. Still loving the NATG challenge. It's like the art class I never had.
359 Day 11 - DiscordedHarmony

360 NATG Day 11 - Copper

I'll give you two guesses who did it.
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