361 Moms Are the Best - PeruserofPieces

Grandmas are the best, too. If you're lucky enough to still have your parents or grandparents with you, go give them a hug.
362 Chrome Shine - Spencer Johnston

Cyborg counts as recovering, right? I guess i'll just say she was hit by a low flying train and the robot parts are keeping her alive.
363 Twilight mends a fever - Piko

364 Derpy fixes things best! - Fluffy

Is she helping to rebuild town hall? You decide!
365 Twilight Fixing a Plank of Wood - SideswipePrime

My 2nd submission for day 11 of EQD's Newbie Artist Training Grounds, it's Twilight Sparkle trying to fix a plank of wood, unfortunately my eraser smudged, and I couldn't fix it, so that's why she has that smudge under her left eye, again scanner is still out of commission.
366 Derpy Casts Muffin Mend - SadisticSage

My only thought once I saw the word "mend" was the standard healing spell from many games. (Fire Emblem especially). Thus my mind was set on this interpretation no matter what I tried to do. Muffin Mend sounds cool.
367 Fixing the Barn - Tobibrocki

I think I messed up a little when I drew this, it looks more like she's rebuilding the entire barn rather than fixing it. ^_^' Oh well, AJ must know what she's doing.
368 All Torn Up - Shuupadoopdoop

You can't really blame Dash for tearing a page. She is an aggressive reader.
369 - Pawkun

370 Daisy Eats Bad Mushrooms - Jess Sparkle

Don't worry! She'll be ok. She just has an upset tummy. That's Autumn to the left.
371 The Great and Powerful Trixie fixes a rectangular problem. - Mister Twister

This probably fits this day's theme than any other entry. Also, I got better at drawing 3-dimensional poni! :D
372 IT pony - RogueLament

373 Tape Fixes Everything - Shoeunit

374 Sweetie Bell on The Mend - Brent Syphus A.K.A cyber5555

This is my entree for day 11: Draw a pony fixing something/ A pony on the mend, so I drew Sweetie Bell on The Mend
375 What is this I don't even... - Ordinary Differential Equation

A new, un-named mechanic OC who totally isn't a palette swap (the final design actually won't be, just so's you know) attempting to fix Pinkie's party cannon. Turns out it doesn't work like other cannons.
376 Cassi - Darryn Lawson

377 Fluttery Retribution - Night

I drew her with the NO face yesterday; today she's here to fix my messed up mind XD
378 EQD ATG II : Day 11 :Clockwork VS Nokia (Text) - Timothy Tung

Day 11: Draw a pony fixing something. So, much like the one before it, but now with 10000000% more text! Don't think the text took too much away. I still think the "silent" version is cuter. Guess who I spent the least amount of effort drawing? DERPY! (I'm so sorry. But that pose of yours is hard. You are still my favourite cannon pony. [SHE IS CANNON, DAMN YOU])
379 poni - Chika

really rough sketch barely resembling a pony due to being busy today
380 A pair of Apples - Nyrx

Day 11, with the fence being the subject of the fixing.
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