401 Mending Broken Feelings - Jezendar

My first thought for this day was to finally create an updated image of my ponysona, Nocturne Star, showing off his mechanical aptitude by fixing a broken clock. But, I shortly realized a couple of things: 1 - I haven't created anything other than OC's for the NATG thus far. 2 - Physical objects aren't the only things that can break. Thus, I came up with the idea of Rainbow Dash apologizing to Applejack for some past event that had damaged their friendship.
402 Fixing the Batpod - aj_joe

The Mysterious Mare Do Well preparing to do some reparations on the Batpod, cause even an awesome ride needs them once in a while. And remember, this is a draw a pony training, not a draw a batpod training, so don't expect it to be to good. Anyway, enjoy.
403 Troubleshooting Luna - Grimmers

Luna having to play a little of the troubleshooting game. More or less first alicorn I've drawn, I prolly shoulda done a quick study or two before trying, but meh, weekend.
404 Fixed you Breakfast - roboticorn

Breakfast has been fixed! Uhm... I don't think that's the right tool, Derpy.
405 Is it working now? - Daley Doodle

406 Poor maintenance displeases the Pretty Pony Princess - John

The colouring is only half done because i needed to sleep.
407 Procedure On The Moon - Guephrën

I'm rushing this in the last minutes! More info on DA. If you must know now this is a pony literally fixing a heart- doctors have very noble jobs. Hope you like it!
408 Sapped! - Macchiato Jolt

Spy creepin' around here...
409 There, There Rainbow Dash - vonbon strangle

I am at a location with no colors so for the next few days my drawings will be Black and white Thanks everypony for Looking at my pictures.
410 Mending Fluttershy's Family - Mkanke

I took my time drawing the face, hair and chest... Then skype happened and I just went 'Oh my god draw draw draw...' and so parts are crap (Tree, Nurse Hat, and Bandage. I'm looking at you!) . But that's nothing new for my art : p
411 Clank and Rigs - Croswynd

Clank and Rigs sing a song while they fix their airship, The Southern Belle. From Unmarked, Chapter 13. Ran out of time, so this is what I had to whip out quickly.
412 EQD NATG Day11 - PaladinDrakkenwolf - PaladinDrakkenwolf

413 Lunar file - Pyrotwister

Luna fixes a hoof... with a file...
414 EQD-ATG Day 11: Pony Fixing Something - Char the Dragon

Tank's heli-pack broke during a flying mishap. Twilight can probably fix it. This was my first time drawing a background beyond the "sunburst of excitement." I think it turned out alright.
415 Hookey - Redenaz

Star Drops is worst employee. (Well, he *says* he's on the mend, at least.) There's so much wrong with this piece, technically, but I still like it more than I thought I would.
416 Fixing the Car - Kirbyflea

please leave comments. I want to learn, and I learn from you all!!
417 Twilight Helps a Plushie - HollowZero

Twilight helps a poor, sad plushie Medley who had a hole ripped into her leg. I've always liked those Velveteen Rabbit/Toy Story type of stories, they're always so endearing and cute.
418 Hug It Out - Solitair

Staccato's friend Solis Ignis does her best to mend his broken heart. The poor guy wasn't prepared for the horrors of the wastes, to put it lightly. Once again, I had to rush this, so I didn't draw Solis's bathrobe, Staccato's fancy shirt, his Pipbuck, or either of their cutie marks. You saw Stacky's mark in the Day 2 entry, and Solis's is a lit candle.
419 Rarity fixes something - Motaro

Heh. Painting raritys hair is pretty relaxing. Probably would have done something more elaborate but ran out of time to do ponies with today x.x
420 Call the Pony repair man! This PSP has a cracked screen~ - Diamond Doodle

Diamond Doodle is hard on her gear, she cracked her screen, so it's up to her pony repair colt! He swoops in, disassembles the device, swaps screens, and away he goes!
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