441 BattleField 3 Logic - Forger

I had so little time to do it but I couldn't pass up the idea, hope you enjoy...
442 The die is cast - Greywander

Get it? Fixed dice?
443 There, there... - Artsy-Fartsie

444 Not quite done... - Ryan

Story: Rainbow Dash crash landed in Celestia's statue garden, and had to fix them up. Unfortunately, she didn't factor in Derpy...
445 Spike Mending A Book - Broken Logic

"C'mon Twilight. You're overreacting. And besides, I'm almost done. Look, good as new... Kinda." Twilight accidentally tore a page from a book, and now she's anxiously watching as Spike mends it.
446 Wounds, old and new - Sham Faker

"I get banged up a lot... Sometimes worse than others. Thornapple 'ere makes the best non-magic healin' stuffs for a hundred miles, but itsa sorta bitter pill t'swallow, in more ways than one."
447 Day 11 (mending pony) - David Schlott

Done on 3ds and in case its hard to understand, the pony is mending his broken hoof.
448 How do I use this? - Ishkie

This is really rushed, I didn't have much time to draw tonight :/ It's wondering how it's supposed to use the hammer with hooves.
449 Server Derp - Draco Icarus

NOT TARDY first speed drawing. ^.^
450 The Art of the Pants - Zoarvek

(Animated, Click!) FIX IT! FIX IT! FIX IT! FIX IT! FIX IT! FIX IT!
451 Fruit fix - BatteryBiscuits

This will make good ad for Sweet apple acres. (I wasn't feeling very good today (I miss my girlfriend, she had no internet for 3 days) so I'm sorry for the subpar work ive done for this theme ^^; I promise to spend more time on my next drawing though! )
452 So I Fixed Your Chart...- EQD ATG Day 11 - Strickerx5

That chart is now 100% more accurate. Note: This does not reflect any real graph studies or my overall list of favorites of the mane six. Just that Fluttershy is my favorite. :3 Please do not hate. XD So I may be gone for the next couple of days if the vacation spot I'm going to doesn't have wifi. If it doesn't, see ya guys in a couple of days!
453 Day 11: Rethreading is Magic - Franzeir

454 Engipony Fixing Teleporter - Aaron Ault

455 Fixer Up'r - ShinyZorua

He can fix anything! :D
456 Reading while Healing - ClockworkDetective

Another quick one. I was able to color Rainbow Dash, but not the background. Anyway, she is reading while healing from her wing injury, which works if I understood the phrase "on the mend" correctly. I think the wing and her legs look a bit odd, but that's what happens when you work quickly I suppose.
457 Not again, Rainbow - Flaxative

Similarly to Read it and Weep, Rainbow Dash has gotten hurt; not a big surprise, really.
458 Fixing an artist PONY STYLE - Noa Bluecat

459 Applebloom repair her bike - Eduardo Rosales

460 How Do We Fix This? - Rulsis

My friend gave me the idea for this one and I hope I came close to his idea. This is my first time drawing Twilight, and I'm actually please with how she came out. I also discovered how to make this kind of background perspective. It just clicked in my head. I'm gonna have fun with this in the future!
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