461 Raindrops will fix it! - Olivia Nystrom

I believe this is about as "repaired" as this computer is going to get.
462 Flutteryshy Fixes Firefox - Terri

For some reason, this challenge made me think immediately of the "Firefox is broken and needs cuddles" image, and of course, from there it was only a short hop to Fluttershy... Still trying to get better and faster at this painting thing, and still not leaving enough time to put in the details, but I feel like I've got the start of something cute here!
463 Repairs needed - Daniel S Gibson

Sadly I did not have enough time to finish and color this will get it done in a day or so. But otherwise was fun trying to remember what a turret looked like from TF2
464 Modern Times - Phil Coast

465 Mending Queen - ABronyAccount

466 Jackhammer construction - Miles Williamson

Man! first time using no references, bit sad I missed 2 days in a row of ATG but what can ya do? anyhow best attempt at drawing a pony from a front view yet!
467 MLP: On The Mend (W.I.P.) - AniRichie

I CANNOT FULLY COLOR THIS ON TIME SO I'M SUBMITTING THE PENCILS VERSION FIRST! Go to the DA gallery for Full view and comic will be fully colored soon after!
468 Maintenance - TrentMK

469 A kind nurse and Scootaloo - Tradley

Scootaloo got into another accident while trying to fly (poor Scooty). Nurse Redheart was more than happy to help him. (Made with Anime Studio 8)
470 Engineer Drumroll - TheMunkis

471 - LoveFluttershy

472 Artist Training Grounds - Day 11 - Picardy Third

Applejack on the mend, to Rainbow Dash's delight.
473 Her Failsafe Spell - Matthew Nystrom

"My failsafe spell...failed!"
474 Broken glass - Mr.MachRay

A hammer is clearly the best tool for this proplem.
475 Twilight Sparke's Podracer Upgrade - Nevillucy

476 No title (WIP) - h2g2guy

A sketch that I didn't get a chance to ink due to travel and time constraints, but I wanted to submit SOMETHING!
477 Charlie fixes up Trailblazer - Ask Trailblazer (Dreamy Cloud)

EQD Artist Training Ground Day 11, "Draw a pony fixing something/Draw a pony on the mend." I decided to do a bit 'o both! The earth pony guard is an OC of mine, Trailblazer, who I plan on making an Ask Tumbler blog about in the future. Guest-staring is "Ponyville's totally canon first responder / field medic," Charlie Foxtrot, one of my favorite ask tumbler blogs. Here's to you, Charlie!
478 Broken Window? - Doret(Kocal)

479 Dumb Toaster - Timidus

Sweetie Bell, there isn't anything wrong with the toaster. But look on the bright side, at least your toast no longer looks like apple sauce.
480 Octavia on the mend. - WickedBrew

She probably got injured in whatever epic battle she in, in my last picture
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