101 Repairing Smarty Pants - Andrew Vance

102 trust him - dorkas

103 - ThunderPwn-E

My first attempt to draw from the back, i didn't have any, nor could i find any references. So please bare with me.
104 what happened? - dorkas

105 Lyra's porta - kooldude377

Sorry if this is rushed, my friend gave me this idea last minute, might develop it later on. Nico Bamford suggested I do Lyra fixing a portal so here she is. :)
106 What Friends Are For - Poniker

NATG Day 11: Draw a pony fixing someting; Draw a pony on the mend Scootaloo crashed her scooter, but the CMC save the day, with a little help from AJ. :C Short on time again, so I went with a sketchy approach. Most of my art actually starts off messier than this if you can believe it.
107 An Age Old Consequence - TwinQuasars

"I shouldn't have eaten both..."
108 Annoyed Gamer Luna - Gallant Tempest

This is a picture of Gamer Luna "fixing" her glitchy game cartridge by blowing the dust out of it.
109 The Cat is a Doctor! - Ann

He's a fricken miracle worker considering the complete lack of medical equipment.
110 Ooops... - Stardustchild01

Derpy strikes again! This time Applejack's barn falls victim to her little clumsy nature. X3 Sry, today this is going to be my only drawing since I woke up late and I'm working on something. I think I lost 4 hours making this one though.
111 Fluttershy Fixes Up Angel - Anthpony

112 Sisters at work - Jingle

Sweetie Belle helping Rarity fixing a dress
113 Can she fix it? - Charcoal Sketch

Drew it with a stubby menu pencil on my ginger ale cup. My surgery was about 8 hours ago, and it went well. I'll still be in the hospital at least one more day so they can make sure there's no complications.
114 - eXe2001

Come on Scoots, we "fix" your flying problem.
115 My Little Carpenters - Airtower

"Cutie Mark Crusader Carpenters, YAY!" I doubt they’ll get much fixing done, but at least they’re trying. While I’ll leave it to you to judge whether my drawing skills have improved, the speed sure has.
116 Toy Repair - CuriousPony

"Don't worry, kid. Just a few stitches and she'll be good as new!" *Sniff* "Really?" "Yup, you can even watch if you like." *Nods*
117 A Helping Hoof (Mending Derpy) - Kumquat1123

Adolescent, pre-cutie mark Dr. Hooves and Derpy. The Dr. is mending her emotional wounds
118 EqD NATG 2012 Day 11- Fixing Uncouth Language - SamuelEAllen

Sometimes the hardest thing to fix is someone else's perception.
119 Bedside Story - Hewison

120 Fixing a Wall - Myrami

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