121 Bunny Patch up - John Elliott

I think Fluttershy might have overdone it a bit.
122 - Daisy Chain

Uh... Sorry, it's probably not very good... I'll try to make something better next time... And sorry that I don't have a gallery or link or something... I probably should make one? Then, again, it's not really necessary... uhhm...
123 I just don't know what went wrong - Schnee

With a topic like this, drawing Derpy was mandatory. And with Derpy, "fixing" rather than fixing things was mandatory, too. And what would make more sense for our beloved gray mailmare to fix than a mailbox? 35 minutes, and I'm definitely getting better at this; Derpy herself (sans wings, hammer and cutie mark) took just a little more than 5 minutes to throw down as a very rough sketch, and I didn't have to go back and redraw everything several times until it looked right: it was more or less OK right away. I'm getting better at this. The broken mailbox was easier than I thought it'd be, too. All in all, I'm definitely quite happy with how the sketch turned out.
124 Bugs - F4celess

Intel crush bugs like usual
125 Bedside Manner - Wolfie

126 All Better? - Yokogumo

127 A Derped Fix-it - Sue

Derpy accidentally knocked over and broke somepony's mailbox while out on her daily mail route, so she came back later to fix it, but the repair job didn't go quite as well as she planned...
128 CMC carpenters - The Storm117

Rushed ponies are rushed :P
129 Rarity fixing a dress - Jamwarden

A really quick sketch and some even quicker coloring. Need sleep now... Monday approaches rapidly...
130 Solving all your practical problems. - Simon

How am I gonna stop some big, mean Mother Hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer? Use a gun. And if that don't work? Use more guns...
131 Fixing the Gala - RionTwist

DJ-Pon3 fixing the next Gala. I hope everyone likes BASS CANNON!
132 Do not Frown - Legeden

133 Carpenter pony - Phillip Ramey

Carpenters build and fix stuff, but can't fix my lazy drawing
134 Fixing the Internet - Spark Plug

Rushed again since I have to leave for school. Dumb time zones...
135 Fixing the Bass Cannon, Colored - Arctic Lux

Colored in time to submit, for once!
136 Applebloom the Carpenter - Drew Buck

137 I Can Fix It! ....I think... - Kaitlyn

Derpy this is what happens when you fly in the house with carefree abandon... while playing ball by yourself :/
138 How?! - Twiggeh

139 Poldek at work - PoldekPL

So I missed only 3 NATG II days. That's pretty... sad, in fact. I need to kick myself in the ass and get to work.
140 Forgive me... - Dumas Mercado

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