141 Mending - Dreigun

Twilight's supposed to be pretty young in this -- I wanted to show where Smarty Pants got his stitches/patches he's shown with in Lesson Zero.
142 Twilight Fixing Ursa Major - UnlicensedBrony

Rushed before bed but turned out well, considering!
143 That All Natural Wub Sound - H.P. Lovecolt

Tube Wubs are the Best Wubs.
144 But. . . that's my DRAWING hoof! - Rekiara

An accurate portrayal of my hand (er, hoof) after doing more drawing in two weeks than I did in the previous two months =D
145 Meteor shower in 2 hours! - Yandalf

Back with a full painting again. It's 2 more hours until the Perseid meteor shower will be perfectly visible for me, so Twilight and I are setting up our telescopes! That is, if she can fix hers up in the time left. (of course she can :) )
146 Say It Ain't Sew - Metaright

Lyra really needs to treat her dresses better.
147 Mending Hurt Feelings - Dahngrest

Ignore the line cutting into Twi's arm ><
148 Fire and Steel - Syrus Drake

This is actually the first of my NATG entries which I think turned out partially okay. I like the effects but the pony is still wrong. And I don't know why. So, constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! A heavily revised version of my yet unnamed female OC pony forging a new propeller blade. Okay, it's a bit of a stretch of the topic and it doesn't look like a propeller blade, but you get the idea. ^^'
149 The Magical Engineer - Daniel Greco

He's trying to get his leg all fixed up before morning.
150 Fluttershy can heal ANY critter - Dahngrest

Made two submissions as punishment for skipping yesterday.
151 On the Mend - ThunderShock

152 Fixin' Things - Geoffrey Stoop

Fluttershy should just take Angel to the vet.... maybe she's low on bits.
153 Fixmaster Derpy - muffinexplosion

She is "fixing" an extra tiny package. With extra sticky tape. After that she deserves an extra puffy muffin.
154 Apple family's very own sentry - Lomeo

Applebloom didn't made this one, she found it in a broken state and fixed it. Eeeyap, that's my story and i'm sticking to it. *polka face*
155 Fixing Ms. Cheeriliee's Love Life - Teddybear4545454

Because it needed serious fixing. "I'll just leave you two alone. Together, to test it."
156 - Michael Hicks

Missed out past few days and I tried some new things but this came out not so bad.
157 Just Like New - Chaos15

Tape and glue fix everything!
158 Back On The Wall - MMK

I'm wondering how many Derpys I'm gonna sharing this gallery with.
159 Darkness Begone - LunarRarity

This counts right?
160 Sol Isn't Meant to Fly - Richard il Miotastei

Day 8's comic would have been Sol parasailing. This is the outcome.
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