161 AJ Repair Job - Ken Rogers

Applejack fixing up the dam. Referenced the "disaster-proofing" sequence from S2E20 "It's About Time." I left off the concrete on AJ herself, because I wanted her to stand out more; I also left the crack exposed so it was more evident she was preparing to fix it.
162 Erectin' the Hole in the Roof - HoovesLikeJagger

As a solver of problems, Engineer Applejack found a way to fix the hole in the roof.
163 The handy mare strikes again - Toya Kano

Wazzup Toya Kano is in son!!! Well I recoloured myself and added the handy mare... so yeah!!!
164 Will You Sign Fluttershy's Cast - Caresse-par-la-lumie

Busted her leg running away from the dragon migration.
165 Stupid signal - Yoshimon1

"Come on! Just ONE. MORE. BAR!" --- Filly Twilight trying to fix the stupid internet at our hotel. --- Please don't take this submission seriously. We drove for 9 hours today, the best wireless signal strength I can get here are two bars (if I'm sitting right next to the fridge), if I have an internet connection it's very slow, I'm very annoyed right now, it's 1:23am and I just wanted to quickly draw something for the NATG. --- Maybe I vector that Twilight someday, though. It's a funny pose... --- 20 minutes --- Made in Paint.NET
166 Livewire fixing things/on the mend - Death-of-all

Livewire fixing his robot legs (doing three things at once as well), until his ladder goes flying (perhaps Opalessence or Angel Bunny). He falls and ends up in hospital, but it's OK, he's on the mend (as shown by the rising red line)
167 Derpy Solutions - Jaanai Ballesteros

All problems can be solved with a bit Derpy help!!
168 404 Derp - Dediles

i know it looks terrible, didn't feel to up to it today,.
169 Fixing a SNES Game - th8827

This is the only way to fix a SNES game.
170 - JayBug

Ref picture was a great work done by DawnMistPony: http://dawnmistpony.deviantart.com/art/Handy-Mare-301529342 "They called me Screw Loose because I was great at fixing things. If you had loose screws I would tighten them, if you had a wobbly table I would hammer it into place. If you had a leaky faucet I would take care of it in no time. One day, all of that changed . . . and now I wonder if anypony can fix me."
171 - Tomato Soup

172 Scootaloo Clarkson Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Here we have Scootaloo as Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear using the only repair tactic he/she/it knows (until that one episode where he replaced a broken lightbulb). Scootaloo Clarkson. Hammers can solve any automotive issue, apparently. Comments are welcome and appreciated.
173 Re-String Octavia - Tim H.

Well I missed yesterday... and I'm sad. Also this is my first try at color, judge at your wills.
174 Mane Street - AaronMk

Injured while a colt, Mane Street is incapable of flight. So now he's a grease monkey.
175 Silly Mercury, you can't cook! - Mercury Rising

176 healing minor damage - Jacob Mølvig

Pathfinder cleric healing the wannabe alchemist Rogue after a small accident
177 Not Sugar This Time - Animate Ergonome

178 Some Things are Harder to Fix... - IllustriousOtter

Since my dog died the other day this has pretty much summed it up for me.
179 Pinkie, What Are You...? - Calder Brown

180 My little robot the size of a planet - Willy Galleta

PonYoko repairing her heaven piercing coltbot.
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