1 Pinkie Pie Pumpkin - Hannah

2 Queen Chrysalis Pumpkin - Jenna Shoehorn

Second year, hope I make it!
3 Snarky Starlight Glimmer - ZanyZapper

4 - Feather Data

5 - Feather Data

6 Hearth's Warming Pumpkin - archiveit1

7 Sunset Shimmer Pumpkin - MarcterChief

8 Kingdom Muffins - Midnight Rush

Kingdom Muffins
9 Trixie or Treat - Michael Rice

The Great and Powerful Trixie is ready to receive your free candy.
10 Pumpkin Cake Pumpkin - John

Get it?
11 Derpy the Pumpkin - Lyrabop

6_9 Haven't carved a pumpkin for a long time, but this was a lot of fun!
12 Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark - ajnrules

I haven't carved a pumpkin for close to 20 years, but my friend was hosting a pumpkin carving party so I might as well do one of the cutie mark of my favorite pony: Rainbow Dash. We didn't have the material to do the intricate design so I ended up just doing a silhouette.
13 Angel Bunny - Binidi

14 Cutie Mark Crusaders Cutie Mark Pumpkins! (2016) - CMC_Scootaloo

And here they are finally! Last year I was promising to make three pumpkins for Nightmare Night with the cutie marks of Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle after it horribly failed to do that there. And now they are here! Roughly three hours per pumpkin, I now finally made pumpkins with their cutie marks on them that are worthy of them! The result looks really good this year and so, the abomination from last year is finally forgotten. Check out Deviantart for single pictures of the pumpkins and some WIP pictures!
15 S6 E13 Gator Monster picture taken with flash. - Granpapony

Happy Nightmare Night Everypony!!
16 What fun is there in making sense? - Villimay Varga

This is a collaboration between myself (http://lillim-darkstar.deviantart.com) and BigPonyMac (http://fav.me/d5hnbwl) as i translated their beautiful art into a pumpkin!
17 The Unicorn King, King Of The Crystal Empire - Villimay Varga

This is a collaboration between myself (http://lillim-darkstar.deviantart.com) and DedPhantom (http://dedphantom.deviantart.com) As i took their epic art and translated it into a pumpkin! As a sombra lover this was a easy choice!
18 I only had a butter knife, my princess - Zythe Akaru

I was gonna try for Derpy, but literally all I had was a butter knife
19 Vinyl Scratch - DavinciWolf

20 Wonderbolts Logo Pumpkin Carving - Warhorse26

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