1 Starlight in Central Park - Travel Lyte

Recent road trip to New York City. Opportunity I could not pass up so I brought Starlight.
2 Fluttershy at the Volga river - nicklaich

3 shining armor and twligth in central park. New York - saravi uchiha

4 Inner Harbor Batimare - Amber

5 Princess Celestia Overseeing Her New Ship At Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore - Franklin joseph

Princess celestia seeing Her new ship The majestic princess Docked Here In singapore !
6 Princess Celestia waving goodbye to her new ship as it sails out ! - Franklin joseph

Princess celestia saying farewell to Her new ship Next stop ! Thailand
7 doing it for the pones - coldtoon

Hello EQD giving you a shout out from Elberton Georgia USA's Guide Stones. Hoping to get advice for my upcoming book on dating ponies over on fimfiction -coldtoon
8 Fluttershy admires the Wilderness of Washington - Justus Brandt

My family and I were camping far from the civilization in Washington State and I thought Fluttershy would really enjoy observing the nature at this quiet stream.
9 Twilight at Lake of Kastoria (Greece) - Avione (George)

The camera focused at the scenery, so the figurine is a little out of focus. Sorry 'bout that!
10 Horse meets horse - jani

11 Lost in The Ricefields - EddoEditya28

Applejack finds herself lost in the middle of a ricefield in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
12 Morning at the Beach - EddoEditya28

Standing on top of a small rock, DJ PON3 was enjoying the ocean view at Petitenget Beach, one of many popular beaches in Bali, Indonesia. This was taken during my morning walk in the beach since I lived near there.
13 Watching The Sunset - EddoEditya28

While I was staying for one night at Fairmont Jakarta in January 2017, I decided to take a photo of my DJ PON3 mini figure on the 22nd floor for this year's PAtW, with a background of Jakarta sunset, looking towards the western part of the city. I was a bit afraid of her since this was a very high spot and the wind was blowing quite strong lol.
14 At The AEON Mall - EddoEditya28

DJ PON3 in front of Indonesia's first AEON shopping mall, the AEON Mall BSD City located in Tangerang, Banten. Opened in mid 2015, this is one of several popular shopping malls in Tangerang.
15 At The Keraton - EddoEditya28

DJ PON3 standing in the square just in front of Keraton of Yogyakarta, a palace complex in Yogyakarta, Indonesia which was built in 1755. Other than being the main seat of the Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family, the palace is also a cultural center as well as a tourist spot in the city.
16 Parliamoon - NightmareMoon

Here is a picture of Nyghtmare Moon at the Houses Of Parliament, in Westminster, London. The picture is not of the greatest quality, and I therefore apologize, as I couldn't take a better one.
17 The Eye Of The Moon - NightmareMoon

Here is a picture of Nightmare Moon near the London Eye, in Westminster, London. The picture is not of the greatest quality, and I therefore apologize, as I couldn't take a better one.
18 Queen Of The Night - NightmareMoon

Here is a picture of Nightmare Moon at Buckingham Palace, Knightsbridge, London. The picture is better than the other ones I submited.
19 Twilight Sparkle at Asilo de la Paz, Isla Floreana, Galápagos, Ecuador - SR Foxley

20 Twilight Sparkle at La Lóberia, Isla San Cristóbol, Galápagos - SR Foxley

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