201 Dolly in the "Sand sea", Fontainebleau's forest. - Adlynh

The Fontainebleau forest is famous for inspiring XIX's century artists, but it's also known for its white and precious sand floor that covers the majority of the forest. This sand came from the prehistorical time where the ocean covered a big part of the southern Ile de France. (Fontainbleau, France)
202 Rainbow Dash Takes Manehattan: Ellis Island - ChibiDashie

Wait a second...I thought this was gonna be IRL Rarity takes Manehattan! Oh well, best pony Rainbow Dash will do. So this is Ellis Island, where 4 out of 10 immigrants came through here during the late 19th and early 20th century. Hopefully Rainbow Dash doesn't get detained, despite the actual place closing in 1954.
203 Rainbow Dash takes Manehattan! - ChibiDashie

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I PRESENT....RARI---Wait wha? You're telling me that this isn't Rarity Takes Manehattan IRL? GOSH DARN IT! But hey, Rainbow Dash! The Freedom Tower back there is actually the tallest building in the United States and the Western Hemisphere, at a height of 1,776 ft. high. Notice how the architects actually made this building so patriotic, they had to make the height the year the US declared independence from the British! HAH! Apologies that the skyline got really blurred, my camera only wanted to focus on one thing.
204 Trixie at the Renaissance Festival - EpicFermion

No significant landmarks (it's at the Colorado Renaissance Festival), but it features the Great & Powerful Trixie, conaisseuese of roasted cinnamon nuts!
205 León Cathedral, Spain - Ela

Rainbow and Twi are having a great time in Spain! This country is now 20% cooler, guys!
206 Applejack at National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall/Liberty Square - Franzyd

207 Lyra Heartstrings in the Anthropology Museum - Harlen

In front Of Tlaloc
208 Lyra Heartstrings inside the Antropology Museum - Harlen

209 AJ, posing proudly, in front of the ‘majestic’ town of Warrington. - Jack Scott

210 Starlight in Red Rock Canyon - Ben Le Geyt

GlimGlam in the middle of a snow covered Mojave desert in Red Rock Canyon
211 Starlight hanging around Calico Ghost Town - Ben Le Geyt

Starlight Glimmer working hard in the abandoned mining town
212 - Semok

We were not allowed behind or on the podium, so Rainbow Dash got as close as possible.
213 The Source of Desires - Andres Caicedo Castro

Visiting the source of the desires, Ibague-Colombia (apparently to Pinkie was fulfilled his desire)
214 Apple tree - Andres Caicedo Castro

In Ibague-Colombia
215 Discovering new gastronomic dishes - Andres Caicedo Castro

Testing Mexican gastronomy
216 Sunset on Last Mountain Lake - Libby

This is taken from Arlington Beach, Saskatchewan. Last Mountain Lake is really beautiful.
217 Italian Rose - Grand Moff Pony

"I wonder how well roses would grow in this region?" Roseluck stopping to admire the beautiful views along Italy's Amalfi Coast highway.
218 When Life Gives You Huge Lemons... - Grand Moff Pony

"You make a huge batch of Limoncello! And maybe some lemon muffins to go with it!" Pinkie's still talking about the "ginormous, pony-sized" lemons she found while visiting the picturesque town of Positano, Italy.
219 Visiting Boulder's Cousins - Grand Moff Pony

"Boulder, you never said you had this many cousins." Maud's going to be meeting quite a lot of distant relative rocks, I think. Photo taken from the beaches of Positano, Italy.
220 Somepony To Lean On - Grand Moff Pony

"Everypony chill out! I've got this!" Roseluck's showing off some Earth Pony power to keep the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa right where it is. Lucky for her, the engineers' last repair job to it will reportedly keep it locked in place for at least a century.
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