221 Night Rose - Grand Moff Pony

Roseluck takes a twirl on the traditional wooden stage at the Palau Dalmases, one of the oldest and most well-regarded Flamenco halls in Barcelona, Spain. As for Roseluck... she was the only pony I brought to this event. After all, given her starring role in a flamenco-inspired fanfic of mine, 'Night Rose', I knew she'd want to see this place for herself.
222 Cumulo-spark at the beach - Cumulo Spark

Here is my Pony figure taking in the view at Devil's slide at the San Mateo Country Regional Trail
223 Mega Bolt At The Vivint Smart Home Arena(Home of The Utah Jazz) in Salt Lake City, Utah - Steven Dale Wray

I would use "Mega Bolt At The Vivint Smart Home Arena(Home of The Utah Jazz) in Salt Lake City, Utah" as the actual "title" but, DA only allows so much room for a name... My little Mega Bolt plushie was made by SukiR(http://sukir.deviantart.com/) And he was actually a Christmas Present that SmallSpiritGraphics(http://smallspiritgraphics.deviantart.com/) commissioned her to make
224 Derpy and Doctor Whooves in Trafalgar Square - Jacko247

I do apologise for what's going on in the background. Also, it's a little blurry.
225 Lyra and Bon Bon at Tower Bridge - Jacko247

226 Pony in high places - Light Landstrider

Yes it is that Light from the discord staff of EQD, while traveling home for the summer I found myself atop the mountain pass of Susten (Sustenpass) in Switzerland, and I set up my pony plushie of my Ponysona in front of what is called the Stein Glacier, at an altitude of 2200+ m on sea level (7200+ ft more or less). I was suggested to share the picture in this year's submissions.
227 Fluttershy near the tram at Breckenridge, Colorado - N3uroTypical

228 Fluttershy, Neon Lights and Lucky Dreams at Watkins Glen, NY - EmeraldBreeze700

Fluttershy and a few friends admiring the lush greenery near the gorge at Watkins Glen State Park!
229 Fluttershy, Neon Lights an Lucky Dreams at the gorge in Watkins Glen State Park, NY - EmeraldBreeze700

Fluttershy and friends getting an epic view of the Watkins Glen gorge. Fun fact: There's a small waterfall below where this picture was taken named Rainbow Falls! Couldn't get any pictures at the actual falls without the risk of losing any ponies though. :(
230 Rainbow Dash in monumen nasional - gigihyudha

Ranbow Dash visit into Monas"national monument" Jakarta, Indonesia
231 Twlight visit to Monument national of Indonesia - Gigihyudha

My plushie take vacation on moument National of Indonesia, having fun with Twlight
232 Rainbow Dash on Monas park - gigihyudha

take break with rd in park, and i see a horse
233 Rd on "Tugu Jogja" - gigihyudha

on street, i got to take a pic
234 Pinkie Pie in Arteaga, Coahuila de Zaragoza, México. (Magic Town) - Jesús Avalos

Arteaga is a town located in the Mexican state of Coahuila de Zaragoza. It is one of the so-called "Magic Towns" of Mexico, full of beautiful landscapes surrounded by mountains.
235 Greece, Thessaloniki OTE Tower - Konstantinos Michalenas and Christos Cerigo

236 Greece, Thessaloniki White Tower - Konstantinos Michalenas and Christos Cerigo

237 Mega Bolt at The Davy Crockett Statue in Lawrenceburg, TN - Steven Dale Wray

Pictures that I had to post on my Tumblr instead because, for some reason the file format that pictures taken off of my new phone are not allowed on DA, DA won't accept or, DA can't read. Can't understand for the life of me "why"...
238 Mega Bolt at The Pittsburg Landing along the Tennessee River at the Shiloh National Military Park TN - Steven Dale Wray

Mega Bolt at The Pittsburg Landing along the Tennessee River at the Shiloh National Military Park Shiloh, TN
239 Twilight Sparkle at Hero's Monument Surabaya Indonesia - AlphaTea

Hero's Monument is the one of most well-known iconic place in Surabaya, Indonesia and many unkown heroes bodies who burried here because they were died at war to drive out the Dutch Colonialists.
240 Mega Bolt on a Long Cannon at The Alamo in San Antonio, TX - Steven Dale Wray

Mega Bolt mounted on a long cannon while at The Alamo in San Antonio, TX
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