241 Fluttershy overlooking the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, South Africa - Hetario15

242 Mega Bolt viewing the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, UT - Steven Dale Wray

Mega Bolt viewing the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City, UT
243 Rarity at the Parthenon - Brendan Hassler

Taken when I was on vacation in Greece. Also got this plushie signed by Tabitha at GalaCon.
244 Twilight at Roundabout of Bambu Running Surabaya Indonesia - AlphaTea

"Bambu Runcing" or Pointed Bamboo is the most well-known iconic monument in Surabaya, Indonesia. It's representation about the youth spirit in care for of nation at colonialism era to made Surabaya and Indonesia freedom.
245 TS at the Fallen Helicopter Cape, somewhere in Russia - Oleg

This picture is taken in the northern Siberia wilderness, 185 km to the nearest human-inhabited dwelling. There are remainings of soviet Mi-4 helicopter, but I don't know the story behind it.
246 Rainbow Dash visits the dam in Zagorze Slaskie (Lubachowskie Lake), Poland - blee

Rainbow Dash visits the old dam in Zagorze SlÄ…skie (Lubachowskie Lake) (50.756737,16.432632300000023)
247 Rainbow Dash admires the view from the dam in Zagorze Slaskie, Poland - blee

Rainbow Dash likes the view but is a little scared she might fall from the dam
248 Pinkie joins Dash for sightseeing at Lubachowskie Lake, Poland - blee

Pinkie was late but finally arrived for a sightseeing trip at Lubachowskie Lake in Poland (50.75331600000001,16.433533500000067)
249 Rainbow Dash at Bewdley Bridge - Loganberry

Bewdley Bridge, designed by Thomas Telford, was built across the River Severn in 1798 and is now the symbol of the town of Bewdley (Worcestershire, England). As a pegasus, Rainbow Dash doesn't need the bridge -- but the rest of us do!
250 Rainbow Dash at the Severn Valley Railway - Loganberry

Here's Rainbow Dash admiring a couple of steam locomotives at Bewdley station on the Severn Valley Railway in Worcestershire/Shropshire, England. The locos are West Country Class 34027 Taw Valley (built 1946) and GWR saddle tank 813 (built 1900). Both are in running order; they're just taking a break from their Friendship Express duties!
251 Snow, Sun, and Sky - Jet Setter

Twilight taking a break to soak in the beautiful views of Mt. Rainier. Photo taken at the Mount Fremont lookout, in Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington.
252 The Rock of Gibraltar - Jet Setter

Maud: "Why would Rarity want such a nice rock as a piece of jewelry?" Photo taken from the deck of the Majestic Princess as it sailed away from Gibraltar.
253 Rocktology Field Study - Jet Setter

Maud's already putting her new Rocktorate degree to great use as she explores the remains of Pompeii. Photo taken from the ruins of the city of Pompeii, Italy.
254 Marvelous Marseille - Jet Setter

"There's even a wine named after me here? Awesome!" Roseluck taking in the sights around beautiful Marseille, a city known especially for its Rose wines. Photo taken from the steps of the Notre-Dame de la Garde church in Marseille, France.
255 Now That's a Bridge - Jet Setter

"Wow! I bet Maud and Limestone would love to see this!" Pinkie checking out Florence's Ponte Vecchio bridge, which dates back as far as 996, and was last rebuilt in 1345.
256 McFlurry at Dunedin FL in sunset part 1 - Steve Piranha

Well, just wandering around my new home, and came across that beautiful view in Dunedin, which is accentuated during sunset. It HAD to have a pony in there, so there I was, with my big McFlurry
257 McFlurry at Dunedin FL in sunset part 4 - Steve Piranha

With my glasses and cool death cap
258 McFlurry at Dunedin FL in sunset part 5 - Steve Piranha

259 Lake Oanob, Namibia - Caroline

Sup EQD! African brony exist :D
260 Waterfront of Walvis Bay, Namibia - Caroline

Somewhere in Africa
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