261 Fluttershy is sad for David Bowie - Mark Hyder

You can feel Fluttershy pain in this picture.
262 Rainbow Dash looking at Brixton Underground Station - Mark Hyder

Rainbow Dash would love a trip on the London Underground. The Tube as it know for Londoners
263 Octavia and the Kelpies - Cameron Callaghan

264 The Doctor on the Rainbow Falls Trail - Appsoos

265 The Doctor near the Mackinac Bridge - Appsoos

266 I Think These Books Are Stuck - Frith

A piano, outside, studded with books! Take a picture! So there you have it, there are still My Little Pony fans in Canterda and at least one in Grainbee, Kickbuck. They speak Fancy in Kickbuck. Oh la la! C'est magnifique!
267 Apple Bloom wishing the mountains were out, Gig Harbor, Washington - Hyper Dash

I took Apple Bloom out to the Fox Island bridge to take a picture of her viewing Mt. Rainier at sunset... unfortunately, clouds made the mountain invisible, but we still got a great picture on the other side of the bridge with the sunset.
268 Twilight at the Monument to the Divine Savior of the world - Cyan

Location: San Salvador ,El Salvador
269 Showing Brony love in Brighton/ pier - Aaron and lucas

.Brighton pier, England .Actually first time meeting Lucas an online friend who came down from Holland the Brony swag is real. .Rainbowdash poster, starlight shirt and luna mark shirt.
270 - Kerli

It is a collaboration with a friend. Applejack`s, Twilight`s and Sunsets`s dolls are mine, the rest are hers. Posted with a permission from my friend. On this picture, the ponies chilling in front of Tartu University in Estonia.
271 - Kerli

Twilight, Applejack and Sunset are exploring the ruins of Tartu Dome Church.
272 Starbucks Hollywood Blvd, Walk of Fame - Twilight Sparkle

273 On-board the USS Iowa - Twilight Sparkle

274 Santa Monica Pier - Twilight Sparkle

275 Griffith Observatory - Twilight Sparkle

276 On-board the RMS Queen Mary - Twilight Sparkle

277 Rainbow Dash at the Guinness Brewery -Dublin, Ireland - Ethan Fibikar

278 Rarity at the Bellagio - Las Vegas - Araxnus

4DE Rarity in front of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV. Bellagio has an elegant theme based off the real Bellagio, Italy Photo taken from the Bellagio Dr lake bridge overlook.
279 mlp in petra - Osama Ali

it is a picture of a Scootaloo toy in front of the treasury in Petra, Jordan
280 Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash looking at O2 Academy Brixton - Mark Hyder

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