281 Sugar Belle seeing Juscelino Kubitschek brigde - Brasilia - Brazil. - Ice pony

Brasília is the capital of Brazil. The picture was taken near of a lake.
282 Salisbury Cathedral at sunset (also Vinyl) - DJ Wyre

Octavia told Vinyl she needed to become more 'cultured'. At some point this led to a visit to the tallest medieval spire in the UK and a classic example of Early English Gothic architecture.
283 Salisbury Cathedral at sunset (also Vinyl) - DJ Wyre

Drinking isn't allowed in the grounds. Shady trees in the lazy British summer evenings disagree.
284 The Cutie Mark Crusaders at the execution place High Market in Vienna - CMC_Scootaloo

The third year in which Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle visit a scary place in Vienna for "Ponies Around the World"! And, this time, they wanted to have it extra scary, so they visited an actual place of execution! The High Market ("Hoher Markt" in german) is the oldest place in Vienna and one of its oldest execution places. Back in the middle ages, the market was housing the court building, a pillory and the gallows. The court building dates back as far as the year 1325. At this place, people were executed by being hanged, beheaded or quartered. Find the rest of the story in the description of my Deviantart upload!
285 Ludlow Colorado - marleyLVI

There was a miners strike in 1914 which can be read on the lower part of pic. Miners went on strike, mine owners decided to break it using the state militia, private detectives and hired guns. 21 dead miners and family members including children. They went so far as to rake the camp with a train mounted gatling gun. It was cross cultural. Didn't matter if they were spanish, english, italian, eastern european, black or anything else, the miners stuck together.
286 A Great and Powerful Unicorn at the Great Wall - ThreeScoops

Trixie at the Great Wall of China. She seemed like the right pony to take with me when I went there. I'm not sure why, just seemed fitting somehow.
287 Atop Mt. Evans, CO - electronicsfreak

Taken from atop Mt. Evans, CO. You can see Grays Peak, Torreys Peak, and Mt. Bierstadt in the background.
288 Mt. Evans Rainbow - electronicsfreak

Taken just outside of the parking area near Mt. Evans summit in Colorado.
289 The Portland, Oregon Skyline from the 7th Floor of OHSU - Bolt the Super-Pony

Vinyl Scratch enjoying the view of the Portland Skyline from the 7th floor of OHSU. You can see the aerial tram coming up the cables towards the right. It runs between OHSU and the waterfront section of Portland. The suspension bridge towards the center left is Portland's newest bridge: Tilikum Crossing, and no cars are allowed on it (only buses, pedestrians, bikes, and the MAX/light rail line are allowed)! Not sure about ponies though... Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to take a picture early enough in the day where the sunlight is on Vinyl too. Come to think of it it actually doesn't look that bad... In fact, maybe I'll try it again next year with different lighting. Until then!
290 Dr Whooves at the top of a radio tower, Sweden - Sprizza

The picture is taken from the top of a old radio tower, with a awesome view!
291 - Tri-Charters

292 Starlight Glimmer - Tri-Charters

In the Tallinn tv tower, looking over the city and the gulf of Finland
293 Pinkie Pie and Starlight Glimmer - Tri-Charters

In front of the "Kissing Students" fountain, on the town hall square of Tartu, Estonia
294 Pinkie visits the Old Fresno Water Tower - gameangel147

Pinkie stops by the 123 year old water tower in downtown Fresno, CA.
295 Dr Whooves at a small harbour, Sweden - Sprizza

296 Old cannon, Swedem - Sprizza

The cannon is apart of an old fort from the coldwar.
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