21 Twilight Sparkle on the Pony Express, Highway 50, Nevada - SR Foxley

22 Twilight Sparkle on the Fairland Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah - SR Foxley

23 It Belongs in a Museum - Loud Taffy

Daring Do visiting the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Oregon
24 Gilda at Mt. Shasta - Loud Taffy

25 Twilight Sparkle at the Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado - SR Foxley

26 engakuji temple - xengk

Applejack going native in a pink cherry blossom kimono at the seaside town of Kamakura. Standing in the bright morning sun, before the wooden Sanmon that leads into the inner gardens of Engakuji Temple.
27 Pinkie Pie at the Lucky Peak Dam Rooster Tail - Framwinkle

This is a picture I took of the Rooster Tail at Lucky Peak Dam, just a bit east of Boise, Idaho, with Pinkie Pie in the foreground. The Rooster Tail was designed to dissipate the energy of the water coming out of the dam to help prevent erosion, and used to be a near daily occurrence until the power plant was installed. Now they only do it a couple days a year for show if it's a high water year, which it is this year. It's quite impressive in person, with the water shooting over 100 feet into the air.
28 Pinkie Pie in Monument Valley - Framwinkle

Pinkie Pie visits Monument Valley in Arizona.
29 Pinkie Pie visits Escalante Petrified Forest - Framwinkle

Pinkie Pie visits the Escalante Petrified Forest State Park in Utah. I wonder what Maud would think of petrified wood?
30 Pinkie Pie visits Bryce Canyon - Framwinkle

Pinkie Pie on a hike in Bryce Canyon.
31 Pinkie Pie visits the Coral Pink Sand Dunes - Framwinkle

Pinkie Pie visiting the Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Utah.
32 Rainbow Dash at Tunjungan Surabaya Indonesia - AlphaTea

As an usual day. I always go hang out and journey around in my city that I live, Surabaya every weekends but on May, 21st 2017 I decided to went to one of most popular street in Surabaya, "Tunjungan" because at the day there was festival to commemorate the city anniversary on 724th years old and Surabaya as known as the second largest city in Indonesia beside as Jakarta. It is no wonder, many residents immigrants and tourists who come to Surabaya because it offers a lot of charm in every corner of the city that makes anyone feel in love with this city.
33 Fluttershy at LEGOland Malaysia - Mango Island

This was taken last year, when my mom and I went to Singapore/Malaysia, for a little vacation. I brought in my Fluttershy brushable, just so I could prepare for this event. So, as you can see, this is Fluttershy pictured in front of Malaysia's plastic brick theme park, LEGOland Malaysia.
34 Fluttershy at Paoay - Mango Island

And then this year, Fluttershy took a glimpse into the past with a trip to the Province of Ilocos, Philippines. As you can tell, she looked in awe, at the sight of the magnificent 300-year-old, baroque-style St. Augustine Church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites!
35 Starlight and Trixie in Cordoba (La Mezquita) - Pony4Koma

36 Starlight and Trixie in Cordoba (Mihrab) - Pony4Koma

37 Starlight and Trixie in Cordoba (Almodovar Gate) - Pony4Koma

38 Starlight and Trixie in Granada (The Alhambra) - Pony4Koma

39 Dubrovnik, Croatia - theOwtcast

This is a panoramic view of the Old City of Dubrovnik taken from an observatory on the Srđ mountain, reachable by a cable car.
40 Ctiy Walls (Dubrovnik, Croatia) - theOwtcast

Picture taken at the Walls of Dubrovnik, with sight on Minčeta Tower, one of the forts within the walls.
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