41 Old Bridge (Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina) - theOwtcast

Picture taken at a beach overlooking the Old Bridge in Mostar, one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's most recognizable landmarks. It was built by Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century, destroyed in 1993 during the Croat-Bosniak war, and rebuilt as similar as possible to the original in the beginning of the 21st century, reopening in 2004.
42 Korcula, Croatia - theOwtcast

Picture taken at a pier overlooking the walls of the City of Korčula, a historic fortified town on an island of the same name, and (according to some) the birthplace of Marco Polo.
43 Caves beneath Canterlot (Zagreb, Croatia) - theOwtcast

Picture taken in the Grič Tunnel, which was built during the Second World War as a shelter, and runs below ground through the heart of Zagreb. Except for occasional cultural manifestations such as concerts and exhibitions, it was closed to the public until last summer, which wasn't stopping urban explorers from trying to get in (and often getting in trouble in the process).
44 Dash and the Warning Star - Airhogsborne

I heard about the new Ponies Around the World, and figured I would participate again this year. Here we have Rainbow Dash under the Lockheed EC-121T Warning Star at the Peterson Air and Space Museum, located at Peterson AFB.
45 Fluttershy with king john (kings lynn, uk) - Derpinator

46 Fluttershy on the globe! (Kings lynn, uk) - Derpinator

47 Applejack watching Nagoya castle in Japan - Setorin5

I took Apple Jack and went to Nagoya Castle, famous for Kin-Syachi. The atmosphere of the Warring States Period is still drifting now.
48 Sanage Shrine(East Palace) - Setorin5

A stairway leading to the mountain in Aichi prefecture of Japan. This staircase leads to Sanage Shrine (East Palace).
49 Diurnal romantic nightpones - Artémis Plum

Luna x Flutterbat ? Sure ! Why not ? Took the opportunity of a meetup in paris. Did with plushies we had. Luna is not mine. Small disclaimer : I removed two persons taking photos just behind the plushies, and increased depth of field blur (which, in addition to help composition, conveniently hid the imperfect hooman-removal) Relevant additional flickr link for non-pony photos : https://www.flickr.com/photos/125455519@N06/with/34681752074/
50 Viva Las Pegasus - Ben Le Geyt

Taken from my hotel room in the Treasure Island Overlooking the strip at Night
51 Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Charles Darwin - Eva~

Taken at The Museum of Natural History, London.
52 Spike and the mane 6 cosplaying as the Power Ponies at Toronto's Fan Expo 2016. - SkylanderDragon

Looks like the mane 6 and Spike are cosplaying as the Power Ponies at Toronto's Fan Expo. During the convention they meet up with another convention goer who's cosplaying as the Mane-iac. They then decided to enjoy the convention together.
53 - Exilis

54 - Exilis

55 - Exilis

56 Miko Applejack - xengk

Applejack reflect on the day's lesson as Miko for a day.
57 spitfire at saint andrews bay panamacity florida - awsomepony

58 spitfire at panamacity beach florida - awsomepony

59 Trixie Lulamoon visted Budapest - Richard

The photo the Hungary capital city of Budapest. I choosed the Trixie Lulamoon she is my favorite pony character ever. This image we can decide to discover the capital largest landscape This town it consists of 2 parts Buda and Pest,the only middle is Duna river I hope you bronies like my image
60 Twilight at Scripps Costal Reserve, California - Green Codes

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