61 Twilight at Geisel Library, UCSD, California - Green Codes

62 In the middle of nowhere. Or, actually, Karelia. - Camp Pony

If i had owned Fluttershy figure instead, i could've convinced some bear to pose for that photo. What a shame.
63 Applejack and Twilight - Cha-am Beach - SpiderBraids

Taken on vacation in September 2016
64 Applejack - Thung Kratai Farmer Market - SpiderBraids

A rather appropriate location for Applejack :-) Taken on vacation in September 2016
65 Twilight - Khao Ta Mong Lai - SpiderBraids

As seen from the beach in Prachuab Khiri Khan main town. Taken on vacation in September 2016
66 Twilight - Chet Sao Noi Waterfall - SpiderBraids

Name literally translates to Seven Young Ladies Waterfall, so maybe an EQG figure might have been more appropriate here? ;-) Taken on a day trip in February 2017
67 Have Ponies, Will Travel - Shandy Bobandy

Hey guys, You'll probably recognize the bike from last years thing. This was taken around Makaroa on the South Island at the end of a 2 month long camping trip around New Zealand with my pony companions. Gotta say, if you ever wanna know what feels like to be a pegasus, touring somewhere like this on a bike like this is probably the closest you can get. It is truly awesome :) Thanks for all your hard work on EQD over the past 7 years. It'll be interesting to see where we all end up another 7 years down the road..
68 Ponies around the world 2017 picture 1 - Lin Jensen

69 Ponies around the world 2017 picture 2 - Lin Jensen

70 Ponies around the world 2017 picture 3 - Lin Jensen

71 Visit to Kanzanji - Setorin5

Here is Kanzanji in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka prefecture. There is a hot spring near by, too.
72 Applejack overlooking Lake Hamana - Setorin5

A famous lake in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Fine brightness makes Lake Hamana beautiful.
73 Summer Onsen Trip with Sunset and Rainbow Dash - Luke Grapery

Onsen = Hot Spring Ryokan = Traditional Japanese inn
74 Applejack in front of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disneyland, CA - Brandon D

75 Pinkie makes her way to Yicksluberfest (taken near the Dumbo Ride in Disneyland, Ca) - Brandon D

76 Spike and Starlight visit the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, Ca - Brandon D

77 Trixie is unimpressed by the Wizarding World, Hollywood, CA - Brandon D

78 Twilight Sparkle at Suramadu Bridge Indonesia - AlphaTea

Suramadu Bridge or "Jembatan Suramadu" in Indonesian is the first longest bridge in Indonesia. It's linked between Java Island and Madura Island. You can feel and see a beautiful panomara, if you are been here but you can't take photo at the road side if you're not in emergency situation because you will get penalty by the road officers who duties in here. So, I captured this photo while on the car.
79 That's A Big Bear!! - Carson Bobo

This picture was taken at Denver ComicCon 2017, with the big blue bear in the background
80 Flutter Storm - MasterGeorge

Fluttershy in front of the landscape of Scientists' Cliffs, Maryland ahead of a big thunderstorm.
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