101 Fluttershy in Málaga (Gibralfaro Viewpoint) - Jorge Triano Ortega

Photo taken on the Gibralfaro Viewpoint in Málaga. I think Fluttershy likes the city :D
102 Fluttershy near the Biznaguero Statue (Málaga) - Jorge Triano Ortega

A famous sculture near the Málaga's council
103 Rainbow Dash and trixie together - Richard

1 yeasr ago i been walk street and i discovery i never forget about this. Someone paint the Rainbow Dash and i dont have clue who did it but its so awesome and Trixie like it too
104 Trixie Lulamoon enjoy the Kalman Szel Square fountain - Richard

3 years go this Szell Kalman square was tram and bus stations they many travels want many places. In 2015 Rebuilding everything this square and its absoluty perfect. This image take a picture when fountain going up the water and many people wants go the waters or small childrens they have so much fun but i say this is most perfect image i did with Trixie
105 Twilight Sparkle at "La Casa Rosada" (House of Government) Argentina - Lucas Balbo

106 Brave World - Max

In the far east, there are almost no sights, so I will post this photo. At once I apologize for my English
107 Twilight Sparkle in cloudy Melbourne - Yetione

Twilight Sparkle that traveled across the world with me. This is her on my last day in Australia, in Melbourne
108 Applejack enjoys a brief visit to the Great Smoky Mountains - lordalexander74

109 Twlight Visit in to Indonesia - Gigihyudha

Twlight Visit monas Jakarta
110 Pinkie Pie at Bayonet Point, FL (USA) - Western Meadow

Pinkie Pie at Bayonet Point, FL (USA) Bayonet Point is a small, census-designated place in Florida in the United States of America, but it's got a history all of its own. 60 years ago, it was just a stop sign intersection. Today, it's a bit bigger, as you can see. :P You can learn more about this place by going to fivay.org/pasco3.html and scrolling down to "BAYONET POINT." I also have a DeviantArt page, but I don't use it very much because I can't get onto it; it's: wesleyhiminimalism.deviantart.com
111 Rainbows and Unicorns at Beehive Geyser 0640, June 3rd 2017 - Lily Wein

Both ran out to go get some coffee in the morning but saw the indicator erupting on geyser hill. Ran across the bridge and up to beehive geyser. The sun rose just in time to give us some of the most gorgeous rainbows twilight and I had ever seen.
112 Twilight Sparkle at Surabaya Monument Statue - AlphaTea

Shark and crocodile are official icon of the second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya and Twilight Sparkle was here
113 Zecora In Japan - 1 - Timmy_22222001

Kanto - Kanagawa - Kamakura Zecora fancying a view of the beautiful temple at the top of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu!
114 Zecora In Japan - 2 - Timmy_22222001

Kansai - Wakayama - Mount Koya Just outside the Tokugawa Mausoleum with Zecora off Mount Koya in Japan.
115 Zecora In Japan - 3 - Timmy_22222001

Tokyo - Yamagata - Dewa Sanzan An easy 2446 steps to climb up to the entrance of Haguro-San. Can barely keep up with this Zebra!
116 Zecora In Japan - 4 - Timmy_22222001

Taking a break from the rain with Zecora at a tiny shrine located in an Onsen Town in the Yamagata Prefecture of Japan.
117 Twilight Goes to Summer School (Pembroke Hall - Bryn Mawr College, PA) - sparkywolf

Twilight Sparkle heard I was going to summer camp on a college campus and wanted to come along. She really liked the castle designs and dorm room fireplaces. Here she is hanging out in front of Pembroke Hall where she's staying all July!
118 Party Favor at Massive Comic Con - EddictedBrony

Party Favor auditions to be the new Batman by test driving the bat mobile. Little known fact: unicorns can't drive.
119 A pegasus, a lump, and a coyote. - EddictedBrony

Soarin takes his oddly similar sounding friend Ed to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center in Holderness NH and come across a curious coyote. Thankfully it was friendly!
120 Despicable Party (In theaters 5017) - EddictedBrony

After failing at trying to be Batman Party Favor visits Showcase Cinemas in Lowell MA to try another audition to be a sidekick for Gru. One problem, nopony told him he was only cardboard.
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