141 Rainbow Dash at Kilauea - Ryan

Took Rainbow Dash on a recent trip to Hawaii. Photo taken at the Jaggar Museum overlooking the Kilauea caldera.
142 Books - brambleshadow4

143 Starlight Glimmer in front of the Edinburgh Castle, UK - Stainless Key (dSana)

Starlight Glimmer in front of the Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, UK July 2017
144 Glim Glam Near Route 66 - Dustin Smith

Starlight Glimmer near the route 66 sign within Kingman AZ
145 Glim Glam on a Route 66 Train In Kingman AZ - Dustin Smith

Starlight Glimmer on a train in Kingman AZ
146 Fluttershy's on Good Ole Route 66 - Paper Heartfold

Went on a lil road trip and found myself driving on good ole route 66, so decided to stop by one of the signs to take a picture.
147 Twilight at At The Top SKY, Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE - Cameron Shoenberger

I brought Twilight to the highest observation deck in the world, the At The Top SKY Observation deck in the Burj Khalifa during my trip to Dubai. This particular Twilight I bring on all sorts or trips, hikes, and travels, but at 7500 miles from home, and 1823 feet up, his was the most extreme place I took her.
148 Twi and Shy visit Maine - Simeon Leonard

When your P.F.F. (Pony Friend Forever) is a plush maker, you go places with your plushies. Last fall, we visited Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Twi and Shy were stitched by the talented Peruserofpieces and seemed to enjoy the view!
149 Soaking in the 360 View of Mount Jefferson and Marion Lake! - ElementalFX

150 Twilight Sparkle at Uluru - Charles Chiam

151 Spike and Rarity at Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia - Charles Chiam

152 Twilight and her Pikachu friend at Perak Cave Temple, Malaysia - Charles Chiam

Location: Perak Cave Temple, Malaysia
153 Twilight at Deoksugung - Charles Chiam

Location: Deoksugung, South Korea
154 Twilight at Christ Church Melaka, Malaysia - Charles Chiam

Location: Christ Church Melaka, Malaysia
155 Twilight Sparkle at the Columbus Monument. Barcelona, Spain. - Aitor

Photo of Twilight Sparkle at the Columbus Monument, located in Barcelona, Spain.
156 Potipot Island and Isla Vista Beach Resort, Candelaria, Zambales, Philippines. Jul-12-2017 - Joshua Manikan

157 I Claim This Land In the Name of Celestia Almighty. - Darkdoomer

This is a photo of the Basilique Notre Dame of Dole, in the Jura. a monument that marks the transition between gothic and roman architecture, and a symbol that marks the door of Franche Comté. I have a rather nice view on this 80m tall building from home, so I had some fun composing with it, It was interesting despite the weather being rather catastrophic, it actually helped. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coll%C3%A9giale_Notre-Dame_de_Dole
158 Yellowknife at Little Doctor Lake - Yellowknife

My custom plushie of my ponysona, Yellowknife, on the shores of Little Doctor Lake, Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada.
159 Yellowknife at Virginia Falls - Yellowknife

My custom plushie of my ponysona, Yellowknife, by Virginia Falls, Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada. This hard-to-get-to waterfall is nearly twice the height of Niagara Falls.
160 Black Octavia at Todra Gorge - Yellowknife

Octavia gazing in awe at the rock walls of Todra Gorge, Morocco which go up as high as 160 meters.
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