1 day 12 - makeover - unoservix

you thought Discord dressed himself for his dinner date with Celestia? ha! you are silly.
2 Fluttershy at the spa - Slizergiy

3 A Model At Work - Ingratate

Starlight here is a model, so this theme was the perfect excuse for drawing her again! ^^
4 Mousse - MCS ART - A.J. Kneip

Mmm, chocolate mousse... ~Thanks a tonsies for checking out my submission! Celestia is best princess!
5 AJ's Makeover - Christin Hampton

6 Cherilee, Abusing Moose - Arctic Lux

This is totally in character for her.
7 Totally Not a Chocolate Lover - FoxOfWar

Ironically enough, I myself can't stand chocolate mousse. Obviously, Rarity doesn't care.
8 He's in for it now... - LessThanNormal

This mouse wont last through the night.
9 Slumber Party 101 - Christian Bravo

Because Rainbow Dash ALWAYS dresses in style. Wait.. What?
10 Pinkie's hair brushed - Jenbun Spahging

Is this technically a good friendship lesson? Dear Princess Celestia, Hi it's me Jenbun Spahging and not your student, but don't let that rankle you. I've learned today that you should never change yourself just to meet anothers expectations, to be true to who you are and to not live a lie. Rarity does try to change her friends all the time, but she doesn't force the issue even if she doesn't like something about their looks. Rarity is always just offering her friends an alternative and most likely see's herself as being generous when she does, but in the end she knows it's better to leave her friends the way they want to be. Did you ever really choose to be a princess Celestia? Is it really what you wanted to be or is it what you needed to be because everypony expected it of you? Waiting for a response, Jenbun.
11 Mousse Abusing - ThunderShock

I can't believe I made this joke...
12 Makeup Cannon - antiemuforce

13 Amethyst Dawn is Ready for the Gala! - Rebecca

14 Makeover, Makeover, Makeover: The Makeover Entry - chriswillpony

15 Well 'Tavi, do you like it? - H.P. Lovecolt

Well? Do ya?
16 Fluttershy's manecut and Dark Rarity. - Jenbun Spahging

Jenbun: Sorry for the double post; if that is indeed what happened, to make up for it here's some art that's slightly different. Dear Princess Nightmare Moon, I've learned that you can change and rearrange your friends as much as you want, in fact it might even be fun to enslave them! Applejack looks like she could use a stallions manestyle if she's going to act like one. Tell Chrysalis I'm giving her a bald Cadence for her birthday, maybe she'll give us one of her brood. I still can't find Pinkie's War Party, but we'll demolish the resistance yet! Have you ever given much thought to how much fun Twilight would look if you chained her to the floor and sawed off her horn? I'm sure she'd be less resistant to your approaches then and she might finally give up all hope. Oh, and make sure to break your sister's legs again she looks like she's beginning to heal. Your undying loyal servant of the night, Dark Rarity.
17 Luna's gonna make a mare out of you - RFpones

Based on 'Phoe Plays: Pony Fantasy VI'. I was originally going to do this drawing for NATG Day 11, though that one had Luna in it and I'm terrible at drawing alicorns. This one turned out a little better. This has also allowed me to circumvent my lack off pink pencils and draw Pinkie Pie!
18 Girl Stuff - DJ Rainbow Dash

19 Using Mousse Moose - Clair Luree

No explanation is required. I just don't know what went right!
20 Spike gives Twilight a makeover - Kristen

So Spike is apparently a giant with a creepy stare. And Twilight has thin front legs. It's 3AM, I'm tired.
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