1 day 14 - traveling - unoservix

The only thing that really worried Applejack was the cupcakes. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a pony in the depths of a cupcake binge. And she knew they'd get into that rotten stuff soon. Probably at the next gas station. They had sampled almost everything else and now--yes, it was time for a long meal of cupcakes. And do the next hundred miles in a horrible, slobbering sort of spastic stupor. The only way to keep alert on cupcakes is to do up a lot of muffins--not all at once, but steadily, just enough to maintain the focus at ninety miles an hour through Barstow.
2 Traveling through time and space - Slizergiy

3 Lyra Always Travels in Style - Arctic Lux

4 Traveling Pony: Open Water - Wolfie

This is all the travel Gus needs
5 Twilight Crash - antiemuforce

6 A Giprony... yeah... - Jenbun Spahging

Well where else would Celestia get all her bananas from? The Zebra's? Besides someone else should have thought of this too, given Pinkies neck stretches unnaturally during 'putting your hoof down'.
7 Amethyst Dawn Travels to Visit Her Parents in Cloudsdale - Rebecca

8 SockyPockyGeishaRarity - FoxOfWar

I fully and totally blame certain Thattagen (the guy behind Ask Mary and Sue) for this. Continuous exposure to sockypocky Twilight corrupted me, apparently.
9 Floofeh Scottish Sheep-Goat - Richard il Miotastei

Who we have here is Agnus MacHarnley, a Scottish sheep-goat (can't remember which) that can grow up to three sets of horns on it's head. I'd assume that any hoofed animal from an island such as Scotland, East Kilbridle or Kilmarenock to be more precise, would be a rare sight in mane land Equestria.
10 - Terry Love-Lee

11 Time Jump! - LessThanNormal

Nothin' like a little getting away for a nice trip.
12 Midmorning Trot - DJ Rainbow Dash

13 Zorro Pony (AnPonyo Banderas) - Christian Bravo

Does this count? x3 Had so much fun (and frustration) doing this!
14 There Are No Puns on "Rainbow Dash" and "Zebra" - Thanqol

I think I levelled up or something.
15 Traveling the Badlands - Stoner Spike

Red Steel 2 reference.
16 Derpy the moving Mare - Sam

Tiny pony is tiny.. And another Derpy!! She is so fun to draw! I'm telling you, I draw her once, and now I'm hooked! Anyhoof, this was the only thing I could Think of.. Who's calling to derpy you ask? Well, use your freacken imagination!! ...*Ahem* Calming down.. Over all it's.. Okay.. not my best but I am not one to hate my own work. This Training this is actually working though!! I used to always need a referance. Now I can free hand draw anypony in (alomost) anypose!! *yay!*
17 Exotic pony from the land of AWESOME OCs. - Llil

18 Actual Tourist Daring Do - GraphiteSketch

She's gotta get around somehow.
19 Laura the Zony - Mike McBrony

A Half Zebra/ Half Pony OC named Laura the Zony. For more info, click the link to the photo's page.
20 A Librarians Travels. - Abs

Twilight Sparkle has travelled to the beach to relax and catch up on some more reading. My second picture, much improved from yesterdays.
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