1 Scout in a Dress - Jess Sparkle

Scout, my OC, wearing one of Autumn's old dresses, which is just a little bit too big! Somepony get Rarity to fix this right away! She sure does look cute~
2 The Very Best of Friends - Flutterfan

3 Sunset Strip - Flutterfan

4 Twilight has a hard decision to make. - Jess Sparkle

She has no idea what to do, totally confused. Everything is just stacking up, and she can't help but cry.
5 Ponies like small flowers - Erik

Inquisitive pony is inquisitive. Is this inquisitive enough?
6 Day 3: Applejack and a pail of apples - Kristen

This pose is harder to draw then I expected.
7 XKCD ponies - Jess Sparkle

A comic from XKCD!
8 Sleep Deprived: Conflict - Simon

So I left my English assignment to the last minute last night, a conflict I frequently face, and because of that I wasn't able to submit my entry on time -.-
9 One day Scoots, one day... - Simon

I was torn whether or not I posted the edited one or the raw sketch, but I felt that this one gave it more warmth and just makes me smile :)
10 Derpy Smiling - Stoner Spike

Training Ground 6
11 Ghost Adventure Crew - Stoner Spike

Training Ground 9, Not in costume but they are in media. ^^
12 Twilight's decision - Stoner Spike

Training Ground 10.
13 Filly BM fixes barn - Stoner Spike

Training Ground 11
14 Twilight tries to fly. - WickedBrew

Twilight should really learn to not mess with rockets. First attempt at coloring, just a heads up.
15 First attempt at drawing OC - WickedBrew

First attempt, don't really like how the hair came out, and the eyes seem to large, i like that cutie mark though!
16 It will be fun they said, and it totally was - Cecilia

There isn't too much to say, a true traveller always molests those funny british guards that I have no idea how they are called.
17 Mender & the Hound - Honey&SaltCookies

Of Day 11. I actually had this made in time, but somehow managed to derp with the submitter/my internet connection did something, and so this one did not make it in Day 11 entries.
18 Derpy Having A Ball - UnlicensedBrony

For Day 6: A Pony Having A Ball. The first time I drew a pegasus (with visible wings)
19 Ponies in Motion - Timidus

With ten minutes to go on day 2, Paint Tool Sai decided to corrupt my file. Luckily, I had saved an earlier version in a separate file so I didn't lose all my work. Now I save multiple versions of every entry.
20 a moving pony - mrblaster

A moving pony, nothing special. (day 2)
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