1 Luna discovers video games - Slizergiy

Influenced by the Progress series by AJ Talon
2 day 15 - puzzled - unoservix

to quote Cobra Commander, "I was once a man! A MAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!"
3 Pre-show Puzzling - Arctic Lux

There's a couple of little easter eggs in this one.
4 Amethyst Dawn the Puzzle Pony! - Rebecca

5 Day 15- Sweetie Belle puzzled - Kristen

Heh.Heh.Heh. I love puns.
6 "A rock?" - LessThanNormal

Puzzled Jack is puzzled. "A rock?"
7 Twilight falls to the muffin side. - Jenbun Spahging

Twilight is puzzled by a gravitational anomaly involving a muffin. After a while of studying and before she knows it, she has ultimately stopped wanting Celestia's affection and approval. Now she only wants nothing but muffins to eat and do magical science with them.
8 Nopony Expects... - Gemini Shadows

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself! ^_^ Anyway, I wish that this were cleaner, but I probably won't have time to make it so at any point today, so I just uploaded it as is. Hopefully it'll still be enjoyable and good for a laugh.
9 The point of messy hair - Christian Bravo

A question for Rainbow Dash from a fabulous pony. What is the point of a mare if she doesn't look fabulous? Like, at least Fluttershy fabulous.
10 Rarity in The Vinyl Scratch - FoxOfWar

A nod to the Vinyl Scratch Tapes since they just got the episode #4 out. And blushing Rarity is fun to draw.
11 The Thinker - Thanqol

Crackle is always puzzled.
12 Puzzled - DJ Rainbow Dash

Fun fact: These pieces all fit together, and you can actually solve this puzzle!
13 Awkward conversation - Parker Creel

Twilight and Big Mac share an awkward conversation.
14 Puzzled Applejack - RFpones

15 Sherplot Holmes and Doctor Trotson and the Diabolical Case of the Missing Puzzle Piece - Richard il Miotastei

This is, of course, not the actual Sherplot and Trotson, but a silly pony being ridiculous with various costume pieces.
16 Everypony did - Llil

I expect this joke to be done a lot because it's the obvious one, but I thought it'd be fine if I'm self aware about it.
17 - Flutterhoof Solardusk

18 Inquisition - antiemuforce

19 Detective Pinkie Pie is on it ! - Eius

20 Pony Puzzle - Natry

I decided to make a real-life puzzle. See if you can guess who's in it.
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