201 Some Things Never Change - NyxerisOTG

Because Twilight Sparkle is a hyper paranoid little pony.
202 Stressed Twilight - Nova Spark

203 Pony Dawson under Pressure - AaronMk

The pressure of the Dark World and stopping the Behemoth is bearing down on him. He's seeing the face of his girlfriend in the vapor from the water his mom was cooking.
204 Soarin and Spitfire Racing for the glory... - Color Coated

...of not paying for dessert! Soarin's feeling the heat as Spitfire takes the lead!
205 Dusk - Entropy

Dusk is an OC character of mine. I'm sure conjuring a flame as a light will result in feeling some heat.
206 Under Pressure - Rulsis

This took me all day to make but I had all day to make it! This is a continuation off of my previous pictures with these ponies. This is also my first time drawing any sort of vehicle or machine. Decided to give each member of the MLR some equipment to make them more official.
207 WHAT DO I DRAW!? - ThunderPwn-E

208 IMG tg2 day 17 - Prismatic Pretzel

Experimental cooking does have its dangers.
209 Ziggy Starpony - Simeon Leonard

Well, it's supposed to be a ponified version of David Bowie singing "Under Pressure". lol, idk XD
210 Heat Mare - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

For an earlier ATG I drew Derpy as Bubble Mare (ponified Bubble Man from Mega Man 2). Now, here's Spitfire as Heat Mare! Colored in Paintshop. Time: 6 hours.
211 Could You Use it in a Sentence? - LonelyEyeball


213 Flutterstressed - Brandon "Sketchin' Etch" Thompson

214 Dropkick's Change - Canvas Painter

Dropkick looked his leg, a certain unease overcame him as he viewed the second foreleg. It felt so so strange having limbs and wings that weren't there before. The stallion could only think of his fillyfriend's reaction to all of this...she has not going to a happy camper. The blue pony then moved his hoof to his back. A large pair of wings stuck out in an obvious fashion. Rainbow-colored feathers followed the edge of each wing, giving them a tropical feel. Other feathers jutted out of his head and tail, their color just as bright as his new found wings. Dropkick felt like a dancer in one of those Las Pegasus shows, only this costume wasn't coming off. Dropkick wondered how this was going affect his work life, since engineers aren't supposed to look like peacocks. Stress was now beginning to compound, something happened to him in that cave..and he had to find out what.
215 Sun being scorched - Jacob Mølvig

feel like i end up being later each day with the drawing...
216 Never Eat Twi's Cupcake - DrCob

217 Under Pressure ft. David Bowie and Rainbow Dash - Cahal McCabe

One of the greatest songs ever written just got 20% cooler!
218 I'll show her - ExudesAffluence

I completely forgot to submit yesterday, so that'll be in the other gallery. I had it done, but it slipped my mind. Anyways, this is my first animation EVER to FEATURE TALKING. JUST A BIT OF IT. NOT MUCH.
219 Almost Tardy!! - zztfox

Twilight again! This time she is almost tardy finishing her todo list, and she has a ways to go...
220 Day 17 - Under Pressure - NoCtrl

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