221 Jalepeno Cupcakes - Japanese Teeth

And Fluttershy never agreed to be Pinkie's taste tester ever again.
222 No pressure - Troy Jacobsen

Oh.. it gets to you
223 Rainbow Dash Under Pressure - Xanderreh

Hehe chemistry puns...
224 Pony Under Pressure - Dustin

draw a pony under pressure, and that's what I did... bad pun is bad... I had other ideas, just not enough time to draw them :(
225 Whirlie Gears having some engine trouble - BronyZ

My engineer unicorn OC, Whirlie Gears, having a little engine trouble up in the sky. Had a little trouble on the perspective, although I think her face turned out okay. This one is for EqD's Newbie Artist Training Grounds Day 17: a pony under pressure.
226 Race against time - Gabriev

Hint, hint - Derpy has two healthy feathery wings...
227 Within - Beepin

I've had a bad experience with EQD's competition submitter derpin' up my images. If you see a black image, just click the title to check out the page, and check out my other drawings while you're at it! :D http://beepin.deviantart.com/
228 Sweetie Belle Sewing Stress - Haidere678

229 Feeling the heat - The-rogue-shadow

230 Under Pressure... - PeruserofPieces

Having to pee is the worst kind of pressure... Really super quick one tonight, guys. All kinds of flaws. Took about twenty minutes total. Taken straight from a screenshot. Nothing original here whatsoever. I gotta be up early tomorrow, and I just don't have time to work on anything elaborate this time. Please don't throw things at me.
231 Enlist Today! - TractionPony

A Navy pony proudly endures the heat of the ship's boiler room to supply the Ursa Class Destroyer with the power it needs to fight Celestian tyranny! Remember to buy war bonds!
232 Out of Ideas - MetalGearSamus

233 Trixie under heavy pressure. - Mister Twister

You wanted poni under pressure? You got it! NOW LOVE IT!
234 Eye of the Needle - Auryn

Finally a Rarity! Under pressure from the concentration needed to thread a needle. Done on the 3DS.
235 - Scuri Levenstein

236 Twilight under preasure - Anime Underdog (AKA, Slipgate Ranger)

237 Cliffhanger - Ambrose Buttercrust

238 A Pony Under Pressure? - Rytel

Or: "Ice Ice Dashie." Hopefully this makes sense to enough people.
239 The Pony Torch - Mr. Boltitude

240 The Duel - TheSolitarySandpiper

PEW PEW PEW PEW! Yeah, I'm tired today. =.=
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